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About messielakes.com

Hi, my name is Mercy and you are welcome to messielakes.com. I started cooking at a very young age while living with my late ground ma. Back then, she would ask me to go take some raw rice for myself to cook and in just before long, it was ready for my eating pleasure.

Even though, I was cooking just what only me eat then, but the food always come out so very nice. And anyone who eats the food wanted more, just like that I graduated to cooking for the family and everyone enjoyed every bit of the cooking.

Furthermore, My late ground ma who was diabetic at the time always made me cook beans and plantain for her. And that further perfected my cooking skill

Even more, spices and seasoning among other things played quite a huge role in food my preparation. However, knowing how to apply the spices and seasoning to the food for the best result important but how are they made?

What Do We Do?

messielakes, a blog I prefer to label messie Blend of Goodness is about detailing how spices and seasoning are made and also, how to use them in cooking for the maximum results. In addition, I, am trained to develop spices, seasoning and general food ingredients. So, this made it even more easy and quite clear for me to deliver to you some secrets about spices and food ingredients.

Because of my passion in food development, with its applications, having over five years of industrial experience in Nigeria. I have been exposed to the development and optimisation of many products which has brought me very close to the masses needs in terms of spices, seasoning and food recipes.

And in this blog, is where all these information is. We have a few plans lined up for you on the use/application, production, and preservation of spices and general food ingredients. For that reason, please do stick around as we unfold more information for your advantage. 

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