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Simple Food Presentation Ideas

Simple food Presentation ideas will aid your plating techniques. Have you ever wondered why the meals served in most five-star restaurants always look appetizing?

like when you see it you just want to dive into it and start eating because it is really really pretty and beautiful. And your appetite just increases?

Well the secret behind it, is food plating or what is generally known as food garnishing and presentation. So, food plating is a very important aspect of cooking which most people do not take into consideration.

Most importantly, now that Christmas is around the corner. I am sure you want to present something special to your families and friends.

In addition, you will want to present a nice well plated food to yourself from you. Yes you read that correctly, I mean if you do not spoil yourself who will?

First of all, food plating is the art of arranging, decorating and presenting food in a way that is appealing to the diner.

And Understanding the techniques of food plating will help improve the overall presentation of your dish.

There are so many techniques involved in food plating. And I will take you through the different techniques in food plating. However, we will need to look at the basic elements of food plating first.

Simple Food Presentation Ideas
simple food presentation ideas. Image credit LGC

Basics And Simple Food Presentation Ideas

There are five basic elements of food plating. And we will look into them shortly. I’m going to start first with the basics of food plating, and here, I will show you the fundamentals. Also, you will learn all introductory part of food plating.

Certainly, you do not want to miss out on this, so get your pen and paper and let’s get started lol. So, let us start this. In this session, we will look into the basic element of food plating and different styles of plating.

Create A Framework And balance The Dish

One basic element in food plating is start first by creating a framework. Note that, with food plating you must remember that you are the artist. Then the plate is your background and the food is your medium.

And like an artist, find an inspiration from a picture or object and unleash your creativity on the plates. That is as simple as that.

Secondly, the number two element of food plating is to balance the dish. This involves colors, textures and shapes. Now with colors you want to make sure that you have a variety of colors on your plate.

Remember, just one color on the plate can be very very boring. Therefore, lots and lots of colors make your dish very very attractive.

With shapes you can have a lateral shape, vertical or horizontal shape And with food plating there are lots of basic tools which you can use in achieving your desired shapes.

Keep It Simple And Highlight The Main Dish

Thirdly, in this basic elements of food plating is to keep it simple. Avoid cluttering your food on the plate as this will create distraction from the main dish. Because the effect of overcrowding also applies to food plating as well.

Fourthly, in this simple food presentation idea, the number four element is to highlight the main dish. You want to make sure the main dish stands out on the plate.

Certainly, you do not want to allow the side dishes to cause a distraction from the main dish. because nobody wants to order a particular meal and find the sides over shadowing it.

For example, if you order a steak meat, you want to have steak more on your plate rather than lots of veggies. Or lots of side dishes causing a distraction. So, make the sides very minimal and you will be happy.

Right Portion Size

Finally, the last and not the least key element in simple food presentation ideas is right portion size. Here, the plate should complement the dish. Use the right size of plate for the dish.

For example, you do not want to put large portion size of food on a small plate. In most cases, it will make it look very untidy.

Also, do not put small portions of food on a large plate. Because it will make it look very scanty and unappealing.

Styles Of Simple Food Presentation And Plating Idea

There are so many basic plating styles in the world but here are the three most popular ones. Number one is the classic form which is also known as the clock method.

clock food plating and presentation method. Image credit UFS

So, with the clock method of food presentation, this demands that you think of the plate like the face of a clock.

For example your protein should be between three and nine o’clock. And your carbohydrate should be between nine and twelve o’clock .

Finally, your vegetables should be between twelve and three o’clock just as in the image above. so remember protein carbohydrates and minerals which are the basic elements of food should be included on one plate.

Secondly, there is the free form method. And in the free form method, you plate the food in a nice and beautiful way. Furthermore, you do not need to follow any rule as in the clock form of food presentation.

free form food presentation. Image credit tcr

Thirdly, we have the landscape method. Here, you plate the food in such a way that it comes in up in a long row.


Certainly, the beauty of food presentation or plating is that it encourages you to unleash your creativity on a plate.

Therefore, you can make designs with sauces, you can make designs with different dishes. Also, you can speak any form of language with food when you’re using the techniques of food plating.

foe example, you can say I love you, thank you, welcome back home. You can speak any language with food when you apply the techniques of food plating.

So let me know if you will be trying any of these simple food presentation ideas this season. After eating, there is need to detoxify the system once in a while.

For that reason, you may need to check out these homemade detoxify recipes coffee and lemon recipe. Also, parsley and lemon water tea

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