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Banana Ice Cream Recipes

Banana ice cream recipes are so easy and simple to make at home. Most importantly, these 2 banana ice cream recipes I will be sharing with you is a healthy and delicious.

Certainly, they are going to be the best sugar-free ice cream recipes you ever had. Even more, you are going to achieve it without ice cream machines.

It is a very easy recipe that any of you can make it no matter your level of cooking skills. Frozen and very tasty. So, to make this yummy nutrition, the first thing you want to do is to start with a nice ripe banana with lots of brown dots.

The darker the color of the banana, the better because the darker the color of the banana becomes, the sweeter it is. Also, if you are unable to buy the well ripe banana with brown spots from the store.

Then, buy any type of banana you come across, leave it at home to ripen to the extent that you like. Now let us get started with the banana ice cream recipes. Also read how to make ice cream with only 2 ingredients and no sugar.

For The Best Banana Ice Cream Recipes

banana ice cream recipe
image credit CFC

So for this banana ice cream recipes, I will start with by peeling the bananas first. Then I like to cut them into round slim shapes. And then put them in a freeze bag, and freeze it for at least for 3 hours.

Also, you can let it be in the freezer until they are all completely frozen. This freezing step is absolutely important, step, so you do not really want to skip it.

Certainly, the frozen banana is what form the ice cream texture. And of course you are going to eat the ice cream as soon as it is made. However, if you have some leftover, you can store them up into your freezer.

Remember, you only need a blender or a food processor to make these banana ice cream recipes. In addition, you do not need any sugar, nor cream or condensed milk for this recipes.

In addition, once the banana are frozen pop them into the fridge for a few minutes before you pick them up. This is to ensure that they are not as strong as rocks while blending it in the blender.

For that reason, when you let the frozen bananas to soften a bit , it will help them blend more easily.

How To Make banana Ice Cream

So, after the banana is nicely frozen and ready, put them in the blender or food processor. Next you Just want to add 1 tablespoon of milk or maybe 2 tablespoons depending on the quantity of your banana.

Furthermore, I will recommend you just start with one tablespoon of milk and only add more when needed. Moreover, you do not need a lot of liquid in this banana ice cream. Because, the thicker it is, the better.

Once you have added milk to the banana, start blending it until it has form a nice creamy and thick texture and that is your ice cream.


You do not want to get worried with how the bananas start to fall apart in the first few seconds of blending. Just in a few moments after that, you will notice that they have started to create a nice creamy texture.

And there, you have a very rich and thick banana ice cream for your enjoyment. In addition, you can add a little flavor, maple syrup or honey to it. However, this ice cream banana is certainly enjoyable without any of those.

Recipe 2: Frozen Banana And Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

banana and strawberry ice cream recipe
image credit CFC

So, for this banana and strawberry ice recipe all you need is to follow the steps above. First, freeze the banana for at least 3 hours. Also, freeze the strawberries for as long as it takes the strawberry to be fully frozen.

Remember, before you freeze the banana and the strawberries, cut them into bits for easy processing in the blender of food processor.

Once the strawberries and banana are ready. put them in a blender or food processor, add one or two tablespoons of milk.

After that, you may add a few drops of honey and then blend them into nice texture until the ice cream is formed. You see banana ice cream recipes are as easy as it can get.

Most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy your ice cream in a much more healthier way. Certainly, banana is loaded with lots of health benefits including helping you to lose weight.

Finally, enjoy your ice cream and lose weight. Please do let me know if you will try this recipe.

Video: Banana And Strawberry

Please watch the steps for making banana and strawberry ice cream below

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