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Remove your Dollar From Nigeria

Hello everyone, it has happened again. I have decided that I am going to be sharing information that is worthwhile on this platform.

So, it is no longer news that naira to dollar rate in Nigeria now is crazy and for that reason, there is a serious dollar scarcity. Now, there is this hush hush info making the round about how the present Nigerian government is trying to “steal” peoples Dollar.

This is only applicable to those that have their dollars saved in a Nigerian bank Domiciliary accounts. By stealing, I meant that the Nigerian government is trying to tax dollars in Nigerian banks. Therefore, you if have any money in hard currency, it is better for you to withdraw it and store it a komkom under your bed just in case lol.

What do you expect from a Government that promised to equal 1 naira to 1 Dollar and at the end of the day a dollar is almost #600 (six hundred naira).

We need to wake up before the worst happens, it is almost 2023 and they have all started to craw out from their place to campaign again with their usual empty promises.

For that reason, try the much you can to vote wisely, don’t sell your vote for money because 8 years is not 8 days. If you are tired of the happenings, it is time to show it with your vote. It has becomes heart breaking that an average Nigerian struggles to eat a decent 3 square meal a day.

Even more, you stand to worry about the safety of your children in schools because you don’t want to hear 201 students have been kidnapped by “unknow gun men” or is it “ungun kwon men”

Remove your Dollar From Nigeria

How Your Dollar Will Diminish In Nigeria

So Reno Omokiri, the former presidential aid to the former president of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan, has come to warn the general public.

In his words on a viral video, he had explained how this will happen. First, he started with issuing warning on how the Buhari administration is completely broke.

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