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How To Cook Delicious Healthy Food

How to cook delicious healthy food without loads of MSG and other food addictive is not common. So, if food no longer taste good or delicious to you because of your health condition.

Or because of any reason which restrict you from eating some certain meals. And even the ones your doctor asked you to eat does not even taste good to you due to avoidance of seasoning cubes and excess consumption of salt.

Also, are you diabetic or hypertensive and still lacks ideas on how to give your food that natural yummy and delicious taste. I mean bringing out that authentic taste without the use of unhealthy bouillon cubes or powders.

Do you want to become a vegetarian/vegan but your food taste bland and you quit trying. Well I have some good news for you today. So, I am gong to show you how to cook delicious healthy food and what to use to achieve that in this post.

Certainly, I have cooked a lot of food that taste heavenly without the use of unhealthy seasoning. However, I relied only on natural ingredients such as, herbs, chicken broth/stock, homemade seasoning blend. Also, I worked along side some other plant based products and locally sourced ingredients to achieve my result.

For example, Instead of adding unhealthy condiments to my food I used ground crayfish, fermented locust beans, okpei and so on.

How To Cook Delicious Healthy Food
How To Cook Delicious Healthy Food

How To Cook Delicious Healthy Food

First of all, in a standard savoury dish, you need that basic umami taste. And to achieve that, here are some ingredients to use.

  • Mushroom: mushroom is loaded with umami flavor which is super helpful in enhancing the taste of your food. So among other benefits of mushroom, use it as much as you can in your meal. Most importantly, you can use it to make almost any type of food. For example, used mushroom to make this creamy pasta recipe and the taste was awesome.
  • Crayfish/seafood: Crayfish has many healthy benefits aside the great taste it give to your food. So, put a lot of ground seafood to your food to enhance the taste
  • Herbs and spices: Use variety of spices to add taste, aroma and colour to your food. For example, use oregano, cumin, paprika. ginger, garlic, nutmeg, sage, thyme, rosemary, bay leaf and so on for jollof rice and poultry. add parsley to pasta. I listed a lot of spices here and how to use them. you make check it out here

I have used this method successfully in Nigerian local food such as Equsi soup, okro soup, jollof rice, vegetable soup and Nigerian beef stew and so on.

In addition, I have used this method in making other delicacies such as spaghetti, sauces etc.. So, if you have any health challenge that required you to avoid sugar, MSG and excess consumption of salt.

Even if you simply want to eat clean, I will recommend you learn about spice and herbs. and start cooking your food by your self if you can.

The best way to stay healthy is to take charge of your health. Therefore, try as much as you can to control what goes into your mouth.

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