Are Air Fryer Healthy ? | Dangers & Benefits

Before you decide whether you want to ask are air fryer healthy ? or are air fryer healthier alternative to cooking. Then, I believe you already know the many uses of air fryer.

Air fryer work by circulating hot air around a food item to create the same crispness as in traditional fried foods. They accomplish this by removing high fat and high calorie oils from the cooking process.

So, by using just one tablespoon of cooking oil, a person can produce similar results as they would with a deep fryer. And in this case, you really do not have any need of multiple cups of oil. That is of course better.

Air Air Fryer Healthy?

First of all, if you do not know yet, an air fryer is a cooking device or gadget which is used in cooking. For example, you can bake, steam, fry, grill and even warm food in an air fryer. Certainly, air fryers work by circulating hot air around the food.

Even more, air fryer are portable and easy to handle. What this means is that you are not going to heat up the whole of your kitchen should you want to bake by using the tradition oven.

However, you can make use of an air fryer instead and achieve the same purpose. In addition, there has been lots of reactions and adverts of air fryer for the many thing you can cook with it.

For instance, you can make delicious dishes such as chicken breast in air fryer. Also, you will be able to cook frozen French fries in the air fryer. Other recipes you can make with air fryer include cheese burger, potatoes. Also, pork chops, Brussel sprouts, steaks and so on.

According to plant based science London air fryers work by circulating hot air around the food. This in turn produce a crunchy crispy exterior and juicy interior. And you can say this happens as a result of a chemical reaction which occurs between an amino acid and a reducing sugar.

So, in the presence of heat, this leads to a change in the color and flavor of foods. Furthermore, when compared to a deep fryer, an air fryer reduces the amount of fat calories and potentially harmful compounds in the food.

For example, this study found that air frying reduced acrylamide by 90% compared to deep frying. Certainly, this is one of the benefits of air fryer.

Are Air Fryer Healthy
Are Air Fryer Healthy

Dangers Of Air Fryers

However it’s important to note that studies suggest other harmful compounds are formed during the process of air frying.

even more, these compounds are all potentially dangerous chemicals that are formed with high heat cooking. And this may be associated with a higher risk of cancer.

let us read what Dr Greger has to say about air fryers. There is a bunch of compounds created with high dry heat So we’re not talking about steaming, boiling and poaching.

But baking, grilling, barbecuing i.e. the type of cooking where the temperatures can get above 212 100 degrees Celsius.

And so one of those plastic hermetic hydrocarbons which comes from basically animal fat splattering. It’s a combustion byproduct and so you don’t have to worry about that with plant based foods. Basically, plant based food like Brussel sprouts may be safe to cook in an air fryer.

Researchers at the Taiwan society of indoor environmental air quality found that air fryers may pose a major risk to indoor air quality. So, if air fryer is used without proper ventilation it poses an indoor air pollution risk.

Because they work by circulating extremely hot air at high temperatures. When the oils in high fat foods melt and start circulating in the machine thereby causing danger.


Lead author of the report chang cheng ping said that people can mitigate the risks by ensuring that their kitchens are adequately ventilated.

Or using the air fryer near a balcony or a window to help reduce pollution. Most importantly, as was stated by Dr Greger ,we should not be using high fat or high protein foods in an air fryer. Example of such food include pork.

Are Air Fryer Healthier ?

Are Air Fryer Healthier in comparison with deep frying? the answer is yes. However, air fryers are not healthy. They might be better but they’re not healthy that’s the point as stated by Dr Galit Goldfarb.

In her narration on her YouTube channel, she has clearly explained that because something is better doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. For example, just because a whopper is better than eating a triple whopper doesn’t mean that the whopper is healthy.

According to Dr. Galit, healthy means that it’s going to nourish the body, help the immune system to fight cancer. So, if you consume the food cook in air fryer is it going to break down and protect you against disease?

If it’s not going to do that, then it is not healthy. And air fryers are not going to do that, they are not going to help you live a long life in excellent health. For that reason, it is safe to say air fryers are not healthy.


If for any reason you want to eat fried foods such as deep fried chicken, it is important you go for air frying. However, that does not mean that food made in air fryer are healthy but certainly healthier alternative. In your opinion, are air fryer healthy or healthier?

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