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Benefits Of Bay Leaf | What Is Bay Leaf

Benefits of bay leaf is numerous, ranging from flavoring the food to repelling insects with it. So, Bay leaves are cheap and common herb which is renowned in ancient Greece.

And it has now been in use in almost every part of the world. More so, bay leaf is either used fresh or in a dried form.

Bay leaves are used in cooking because of their distinctive flavor and fragrance. However, they are also used in medical treatments, in aromatherapy and herbal treatments for various skin and respiratory conditions.

Also, they effectively release the Airways, control cholesterol levels in the body system. In addition, they reduce stress, treats insomnia and regulates high blood pressure.

More so, bay leaf is excellent in helping the body to loss weight. And, it also helps in beautifying your hair and skin. Bay leaf is packed with antioxidants, it has vitamin A vitamin C and B complex .

Furthermore, it has an ingredient called riboflavin and it’s also packed with calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and selenium. it increases your metabolic rate and also helps with digestion.

Bay leaf cleanses your entire body by helping it get rid of toxins. Even more, it also helps you to reduce cravings. You see there are so many reasons why you want to start adding this to your daily diet.

Benefits Of Bay Leaf

Some of the many benefits of bay leaves include the following:

Use in Cooking

This super herb is used as an aromatic spice in cooking diverse delicacies. How to use bay leaves to cook starts with grinding the dry leaves into a spice, then use it to flavor food such as soups, porridges, jollof, sauces and stews.

But in most cases, remember that the leaves are most commonly added in its whole form as a flavoring into some certain dishes.

And then, when the food is done, they are removed or they are used as a garnish in dishes like jollof rice. For example, when you are done with cooking the jollof with the bay leave in its whole form.

Then, place the bay leaf on the rice, it makes it looks good and appetizing. Certainly, whole bay leaves are not commonly consumed on its own.

Can You Eat Bay Leaf?

Yes you can eat bay leaf in a powdered form when you use it to cook. However, you may not be able to eat it whole because it is tough. Most importantly, bay leaf is not toxic, so you can eat it if you do not mind the tough nature of it.

Use for Weight Loss

So, aside from egg diet for weight loss, bay leaf is a great remedy needed to get rid of excess fat. How to achieve this is quit simple, quick and easy.

Worthy of note, If you drink this weight loss tea, certainly you can easily lose about 5 to 7 kilograms in one month. It does not matter whether it’s belly fat or thigh fat or any other part of your body fat you want to loose.

Even more, the bay leaf tea will help your rate of metabolism and you will feel more energized. The best thing about this remedy is that anyone with diabetes can also drink it easily and lose weight.

Also, it will help you in making your skin glow due to good digestive health. Most importantly, new moms who have just had a baby and are trying to lose their pregnancy weight can also take this tea with no side effects.

How To Make Bay Leaf tea For Weight Loss

In other to gain some of the many benefits of bay leaf, you have to start with Just putting 1 liter of clean water into a pot. After that, add about 3 bay leaves. Then add one teaspoon of cinnamon pieces. Or , add a cinnamon sticks into the pot.

Please you do not want to use cinnamon powder as it will just change everything. Therefor, stick to only cinnamon sticks or chunks for this remedy.

We add cinnamon because it does stabilize high blood pressure, it also helps aid digestion. Now boil the bay leaves and cinnamon for 10 to 15 minutes on a low heat.

After 15 minutes, turn off the stove and let the tea cool off for about 5 to 7 minutes. However, while the tea is still hot, pour it in a cup.

Add a couple drops of lemon juice in it and a little bit of honey, Stir and let it stand for a while so that it doesn’t burn your tongue. Note that lemon juice and honey are totally optional.


So if you are allergic to lemon or honey or if you’re diabetic and you cannot take honey. Just skip the lemon and honey and consume this tea while it is warm or a bit hot three times a day.

Take the tea first thing in the morning or at least 1 hour before you eat anything else. Second time you will take this tea is one hour after lunch.

And the third time you will drink it is one hour after dinner. Please make sure that the tea is hot every time you take it.

You cannot consume this tea cold. Because when you take the tea hot, it will do improve digestion and do all of its functions better.

So this is how you’re going to be taking the tea, three times a day every day for one month. And then, you will see that you will be losing about 5 to 7 kg in one month. This remedy is super effective for weight loss, you can take it even if you have any kind of health issues.

This tea is generally very good for the body overall health. It will heal your body from inside out removing all the toxins from your body and giving you fast weight loss results.

What Happens When You Burn The Bay leaf In The House

So, you can burn a dry bay leaf at the comfort of your home because it is pleasant, relaxing and smell real good. So what happens when you burn bay leaf is this.

The smoke and the flames it produces will release substances which enhance the atmosphere. Also, this create some sort of positive energy flow.

For that reason, all you need to do is just breath deeply and let the smell from the burned bay leaf calm your body and spirit.

Use As Insects repellent

other health benefits of bay leaf include insect repellent. Research has shown that Bay leaves are one of the most powerful cockroach repellents at home. So, if insects have invaded your kitchen, then you need to use bay leaves to repel them.

I bet, you will hardly find a better solution to getting rid of insects from the kitchen. This is because bay leaves are perfectly safe to use even around small kids or pets.

Certainly, the best way to eradicate insect from the home is to make use of food instead of chemical. At the end of the day, it is just a win win situation.

The powerful smell of burning bay leaves works wonders when it comes to repelling cockroaches and similar insects.

you can also put some of the bay leaves at every corner of your house. Remember, since they are non-toxic you can always place them anywhere you are comfortable with at home.

In addition, place them in the cupboard, shelf or cabinets where you store food. The fumes of bay leaves are highly unpleasant to many insects.

For that reason, a routine practice of placing bay leave in and around your home will drive insects out of infested spaces.

Certainly, both dry and fresh bay leaves can be used for this purpose. However, dry ones are more effective because their smell is stronger.

How to Burn Bay leaf

Put the dry bay leaf in an ashtray or anything that will not catch fire. Then use a lighter or match stick to light it. After that, leave the room for about 8 to 10 minutes to outside. Before you leave, it is important you you close the windows and the doors very well.

Because, if you did not close the room or the kitchen where you are burning the bay leaf, breeze could knock it over. Also, you will like to keep the ashtray tray very far away from anything flammable.

For example, put away items like paper, wood, plastic, or linens. in addition, make sure you’re not burning the bay leaves under a smoke detector. You do not want the fire alarm to go up for no reason.

Finally, when you come back into the room you will notice a completely different atmosphere and you will smell the pleasant, relaxing and suiting fragrance from the burned bay leave.


The many benefits of bay leaf include adding aroma and flavour to food. Also, helped in home remedy of weight loss. Improves overall health and perfect for skin and hair glow.

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