How To Make Cake Pops

How to make cake pops is pretty much a straight forward project. There has been lots of request on how to make this yummy desserts. So today in this article, I am going to show you the step by step guide on how to achieve the most delicious cake pops.

Even more, there are lots of things you can do with cake pops such as decoration. Also, you can decorate and style it in different colours and flavours. In addition, this cake is very easy to make and all you need are simple ingredients that you probably have at home.

Certainly, the secrete to a great cake pops is to ensure that the coatings are not too thick but very smooth and beautiful. Secondly, you want a delicious cake pop that is moist on the inside as well.

What is Cake Pops?

Cake pops are desserts made with basically left over cake and frosting coated with melted chocolates. Also, you can coat cake pop with candy melt and any type of melted chocolate such as white or brown chocolate. Usually, you put the moulded cake on a cake stick to form pops.


Other Items Needed

How To Make Cake Pops

  • First of all, break the cake into crumbles in a bowl with your bare hands. Most importantly, use any type of cake you like. It could be a store bought vanilla cake, chocolate cake, left over cake and so on. Also, a moist cake will work better for moulding into a pop.
  • After that, add the butter cream frosting into the cake and mix it gradually like you want to kneed it. You want to make sure that after mixing, the cake will not be sticky or falling apart. However, you may add more or less butter cream frosting based on the texture of the cake you want to use. The ratio of the butter cream frosting and the cake determines whether the cake will be firm for easy moulding
  • Measure the cake with the tablespoon for measuring. (This will help you get the standard size of cake pop)
  • put it on the palm of your hand and mould it into a round shape. You want to cup your hand while moulding to enable you get a nice round shape cake pop
  • After moulding all the cake into small balls, set them aside and get the chocolate ready
  • So to get the chocolate ready, break them into small pieces in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave them for about 25 to 30 seconds, bring it out and mix. Repeat the process till you have a completely melted chocolate .Use any type of chocolate, either white or brown, or you can make deferent colours of chocolate

Next Step

  • Dip one end of the Lollipops or cake stick into the chocolate then go ahead and push it into the moulded cake. Repeat the process till all the cakes has stick in them which will serve as a handle.
  • Put the cake in a fridge for about 5 minutes, this will help the cake set better and stay firm on the sticks. However, you do not want to let it stay for too long in the fridge. Because if it gets too cold, it will expand in room temperature after you have coated them , which will lead the cake pop to break
  • After 5 minutes, bring out the cakes from the fridge, dip the cake into the melted chocolate holding it on the stick. Ensure the chocolate covers the whole of the cake then shake the excess coating of chocolate off from it gently.
  • Place it on a the candy stand one after the other.
  • You may want to decorate the cake pop with anything you like, something like sugar stripes. And your amazing cake pops are ready for enjoyment
How To Make Cake Pops
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So you want to make sure that chocolate are warm while you make use of it. Because it is going to make the cake pops more stable when it is slightly warm. However, if you let the chocolate go so cold, it might start to thicken up and this will lead to a rough coating of the cake balls.

You need a candy stand to stand the coated cakes because placing them on a tray or plate may flatten the the cake. Also, that might roughen the coating which will be messy to the look.

However, if you do not have a candy stand, you can improvise by filling a mug flour and stick the cake pop stick on them to hold them.

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