Recipes For Evaporated Milk

In this post, I, am going to walk you through to the easiest homemade recipes for evaporated milk. So, I have used a lot of evaporated milk that I felt I should be making it myself especially now I have access to fresh milk.

Furthermore, I like how creamy and slightly thick the store bought evaporated milk is and I believe a lot of other people do. Certainly, people enjoy the fact that they can enjoy evaporated milk also known as rehydrated milk in a cup of coffee, tea and so on.

Also, add this awesome goodness to your smoothies for that creamy milk mouthfeel. Even more, use evaporated milk in place o fresh milk to make oats with milk recipe and you absolutely going to love it.

First of all, evaporated milk is quite easy to make at home, this helps you to have a readily availability of creamy milk for all your baking and other needs. So, if you have been looking for how this evaporated milk is made, I am going to show you in this post two different recipes for evaporated milk.

Recipes For Evaporated Milk
Recipes For Evaporated Milk

Two Recipes For Evaporated Milk

Below are the two recipes for evaporated milk you can make from the comfort of your own home with less stress. Certainly, the basic ingredient for this evaporated milk is full cream fresh milk. Because evaporated milk is different and not as sweet like like sweetened condensed milk.

Even more, you need a full cream fresh milk for this recipe because, you will have a much creamy evaporated milk after the process. However, if you make use of skimmed milk, the cream in the milk has been removed, and you are going to be left with watery evaporated milk which defeat the purpose.

Certainly, you may want to lightly sweetened your evaporated milk to have a little more sweetness to it different from the regular evaporated milk. So, Here are the two recipes for evaporated milk

  • Sweetened evaporated milk
  • none sweetened evaporated milk

How To Make Sweetened Evaporated Milk

Most importantly, you need the following ingredients to make a slightly sweetened condensed milk at home

List Of Ingredients

  • 3 cups of full cream fresh milk
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Preparation procedure

  • Put a nonstick sauce pan on a cooker
  • gently, pour in the milk, use a spatula to stir it until the sugar is all

  • dissolved in the milk. You will know when you don’t feel the roughness of the sugar at the bottom of the sauce pan.
  • after that, drop in the vanilla extract into the milk. Actually, you don’t necessarily have to add any flavour in this recipe to achieve an evaporated milk. However, vanilla background note in an evaporated milk is amazing. And the most exciting thing is that, more often than not, you not going to notice the taste. Because it is on the background boosting the creamy milky richness of the evaporated milk
  • turn down the heat to low and let the milk simmer for 20 to 25 minutes. At about this point, the colour of the milk has change to milk colour, slightly thicken up with some foamy substance on the top. Also, the quantity has reduced to about 40%, at this point you know the evaporated milk is ready. (while the milk simmer, stir it at every 3 to 5 minutes with a spatula. This will prevent it from getting burned
  • Take out the milk from the stove. Run it through a sieve over a clean bowl or jug to remove the particles that formed on the milk while it was simmering. Now you can save it in the fridge for up to 7 days or more

How To make Evaporated Milk

How to make evaporated milk is pretty simple and similar to the recipe above. Here, all you need is the major ingredient which is the full cream fresh milk. In fact, this is the only ingredient you need for this recipe.

  • Pour the milk into a sauce pan, let it simmer for 20 to 25 minutes
  • stir the milk at interval, to prevent it from getting burned as in sweetened evaporated milk above.
  • After that, you will notice the the volume of the milk has reduced drastically. Also, the colour has changed to milk colour. Sometimes, you have some foamy substances on top of the milk, All these signs are pointers that the evaporated milk is ready. So, at this point, take the milk off the stop
  • sieve the evaporated milk by placing a sieve on a bowl, run the evaporated milk through it and discard the form particles in the sieve. Now enjoy your evaporated milk in all the many ways ways you can

Uses For Evaporated Milk

There are many things you can do with evaporated milk ranging from the following

  • Add some evaporated milk into your coffee to make it more creamy and rich
  • use evaporated milk to makes ice cream in place of condensed milk or fresh milk
  • even more, you can add some evaporated milk into your smashed potato and it outcome is always super amazing
  • Some people drizzles a little evaporated milk on there scrambled eggs
  • use evaporated milk in place of cream in sauces
  • dress your fruits salad with some evaporated milk
  • Make smoothies with evaporated sauces
  • use evaporated milk oats with milk recipes
  • Evaporated milk gives rich taste and texture to custards and pap, put some evaporated milk in this amazing Nigeria style breakfast and you are going to love it. Read this article for everything you can do with a can of evaporated milk

Evaporated Milk Vs Condensed Milk

First of all, evaporated milk and condensed milk were all made by evaporating the water content of full cream fresh milk to a certain level. However, Condensed milk is very much thicker than evaporated milk. In addition, sweetened condensed milk is way sweeter than an evaporated milk.

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