Apple Cake | Easy Recipe

Apple cake is an easy recipe and one of the most famous cake recipes out there. So, here is a yummy easy to make apple cake recipe made with only one egg. Even more, make this simple and easy cake with fresh apples which adds form sort of health to it.

Furthermore, you do not necessarily need any oven for this recipe, just with your pan and stove, you are good to go. For the reason that a lot of people has been asking about the easy apple cake recipe. But little to no recipe has been provided to that regard, So I am here to make it simple for you with this recipe.

List Of Ingredients

  • All purpose flour —- 150g
  • Sugar ——————— 60g
  • Fresh egg —————– 1
  • Fresh milk —————- 150ml
  • Vegetable oil ——— 60ml
  • Apples ——————– 2
  • Baking powder ——— 8g
  • Vanilla flavour ———- 1g
  • A pinch of salt

Easy Apple Cake Recipe With Fresh apples

  • First of all, to make this apple cake, grease the pan with some butter using a brush or you fingers
  • Sprinkle about two tablespoons of sugar on the greased pan
  • Cut all the apples in a round shape and use something like a bottled water cover to remove some flesh from the middle of the cut apples thereby creating a hole on it
  • After that line up the apples on a pan in a single layer and set it aside
  • Break the egg into a bowl
  • Add salt, vanilla flavour and 3 tablespoons of sugar into it
  • Whisk it very well till every ingredients is nicely combined together
  • Pour the vegetable and whisk it nicely
  • After that, pour the milk inside and mix till well combined that you will not see any trace of the ingredients seating separately
  • Gradually work in the flour bit by bit into the mixture. Keep mixing them, as you mix everything together without finding a lump in it
  • Add the baking powder and mix. After mixing all the ingredients together, the batter will look a bit runny and that is very ok
  • Pour the batter gradually into the pan that contains the fresh apples like this
  • After that, place the pan on a cooker at a low heat, cover it and let it cook for about 20 to 25 minutes
  • Run a silicon spatula round the cake to make it easy to be removed from the pan
  • Cover the pan with a flat plate and turn the cake over into the plate, after that put the cake right back into the pan in a manner that the white side will be facing the bottom of the pan
  • Cook it again for 4 to 6 minutes and once it is cooked get it off the heat
  • Let the apple cake chill down for a few minutes, cute the cake and enjoy. Also read how to make the best golden sultana cake
apple cake


Finally, this simple apple cake recipe can be made with banana instead. Also, you may add a tablespoon of vinegar into it to intensify the flavour. I love this cake because it reminds me of the old fashioned way of making apple cake and is is so yummy and one of the best apple cake ever.

How do you like the cake? Also, check out how to make cake without oven.

Why Apple Cake?

Why apple cake? this type of cake is very moist, yummy and easy to make. Even more, it is healthy because of the apples which has added some fibers and other nutrients to the cake.

Furthermore, apples may health reduce the risk of diabetes because of the soluble fiber pectin present in it. In addition, it may help to boost the immune system.

Also, apples are rich in antioxidants which researchers have suggested that it may help to prevent cancer among other factors.

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