Asmr Microphone Scratching

With the increase in demands of asmr eating real sounds, mukbang and so on, there is a high demand on the best affordable asmr microphone scratching. In this post, I will show you the best and most easy to use asmr microphone for beginners.

Furthermore, this asmr microphone scratching is designed in such a way that it has three major patterns which include cardioid, omni and bidirectional pickup patterns. Certainly, you will the cardioid pattern for an asmr eating sound or any other sound you like to make.

Because this pattern in this very microphone rejects every other sounds from other direction except the direction where it is directed at.

Even more, this microphone produces a very clear and powerful broadcast-quality sound for game streaming, voice over, music, you tube videos, skype, podcasting, calls and so on

Blue Yeti Affordable Asmr Microphone

Blue Yeti Affordable Asmr Microphone

so, Blue yeti microphone is the best affordable asmr quality microphone I have come across to so far. And for the most part, I have used this mic. And still using it for my YouTube asmr videos and voice over.

ASMR Microphone Scratching, Eating Video I Made With Blue Yeti

As an armature, I have no worries in using the mic as there is no technicality involved in using it. All I do is either pug it in my computer and rerecord in my already installed audacity program that’s all.

In addition, if I want to record with my iPhone. I only use an iPhone adapter to connect the microphone to my iPhone and record. If you like to get the iPhone adapter, get it here on Amazon Uk or Amazon USA

Get The Blue Yeti Microphone

If you are looking to get this blue yeti microphone, you may get if from Amazon Uk or Amazon USA . There are popular food used in asmr real eating sounds such as the popular seafood. Also, the seafood sauce used as a seafood dipping sauce noodles and so on.

Finally, what asmr video type do you like? Disclaimer: Some of the links above may be affiliate links, meaning if you purchase an item, I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you

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