Abacha (akpu) Mmiri Bobozi Mpataka

Abacha mmiri is a white snacks made from cassava, it is often called bobozi, akpu mmiri, mpataka and so on. In addition, this snacks is enjoyed with coconut, roasted groundnut or simply enjoyed on its own.

Furthermore, this snack is a life saver, in the sense that it is readily, available in the street of Nigeria and a very affordable rate of about #50 to #100 per pack. Certainly, the most amazing thing about this refreshing snacks is the fact that you can add cold water to it on a sunny day for refreshment.

Also, this snacks is referred to as abacha mmiri because it is eaten wet, often taken from water straight to the mouth. In the other hands, this serves as a raw material for making abacha. First of all, what is known to be abacha is a local Nigeria delicacy made with this snack with the addition of seasoning like ogiri, palm oil, crayfish and so on

List Of Ingredients

  • 2 tubers of cassava
  • Groundnut (peanuts) – optional
  • Coconut – optional

How To Make Abacha (akpu) Mmiri Bobozi Mpataka

  • Peel the raw cassava
  • cut it into smaller sizes and wash it clean
  • Put it in a pot or sauce, pour water at the same level with the level of the raw cassava
  • Cook it for 30 to 35 minutes on a medium heat
  • check if it is cooked by poking a fork or knife through it, if it is soft then it is cooked. Also, you will know that the cassava is cooked when the colour changes from white to milk colour
  • After cooking, remove it from the water, let it chill and then slice it into small pieces with a knife
  • Pour the sliced cassava into a bowl, put enough water to it untill the whole cassava is covered with water
  • let is stay over night, then wash it it with clean water, 2 or three time before eating
  • Enjoy this delicacy with coconut like the image below or use a peanut instead

cassava is toxic, so take caution in the processing. You will remove the toxic compound in the cassava through the cooking, soaking overnight and washing process. Certainly, you don’t want to taste it until the last stage to avoid food poisoning.

Video How To Make Abacha Mmiri

Watch the video demonstration of how to make abacha mmiri below.

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