Easy Baby Food Recipes 9 Months

Here is an easy baby food recipes 9 months old and above. Even Though babies do not all like the same food. But my trick is to try on several recipes and find out the one that my baby will love best.

So, today, I will be sharing carrot puree for babies with you, please stick around as I walk you through to this simple but enjoyable recipe.

First of all, Potatoes are good for babies because it is packaged with nutrients. Even more, cooked potatoes helps maintain good gastrointestinal system of babies. Also, the red potatoes is rich in vitamin C which is in fact very healthy for babies.

Easy baby food recipes 9 months

Before we continue, remember that This recipe will serves babies from the age of 4 months till 12 month and above. However, adjust the liquid level of the puree to suit your baby age. For example, you will need to add more water for babies of 4 months old and less water for babies of 9 months old and above.

Certainly, you can add some milk or formula in this recipe if you like. Please you may check here, I have written extensively how to make baby potatoes with milk or formula. Also, read baby potato mash here

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Video : How to make Carrot And Potatoes puree for babies

Easy Baby Food Recipes 9 Months

  • 5 pcs carrots
  • 3 small Irish potatoes
  • 1 medium sweet potatoes
  1. Peel all the carrots and potatoes

  2. slice them into small pieces and wash them thoroughly with a clean water

  3. put them in a sauce pan, add some water to the same level with them or a bit below the level of the sliced carrots and potatoes inside the sauce pan

  4. cook it for 10 to 15 minutes on a medium heat. Also, you can decide to steam them, that way you will have all the nutrients in tact

  5. check them by poking them with a sharp object like a fork or tooth pick to ensure that they are well cooked and soft

  6. after that, take them off the cooker, put them in a food processor, add about half cup of water and blend for about a minute. Serve the baby this food a little bit warm

For babies who are 4 months old, blend their own till the puree is very smooth. Also,  make use of more liquid. Water is more preferable for making this recipe.


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