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Baby potato mash is a simple mashed potatoes recipe for babies and by extension for everyone. It is very simple to make, nutritional and healthy for the baby.

So, getting a baby to try new food, or finding what recipe to prepare for a baby is sometimes a hard task. But right now, worry no further as this post will show you how to make the simplest food for your baby and family as a whole.

Also, this recipe calls for only two ingredients, is that not amazing? so if you are looking for a simple potato recipe for your babies and kids, then stick around because I, am going to walk you through to the simplest and easiest tastiest baby food recipe today.

baby potato mash
peeled sweet and white potato ready to be cooked

Baby Potato Mash Recipe

As a first time mum, I was not sure the exact food to make for my young one aside the regular cereals and milk. Also the use of the already made meals and deserts from the supermarkets.

That made me to start a minor research on how to develop the best food combination for my baby. I mean a food that will always be a yes for him without stress.

Furthermore, before this, I tried some other recipes such as green beans, green peas, carrot and spaghetti puree for him. And he doesn’t seem to like them that much, sometimes he prefers to have cereal instead.

But, the first time I made this baby potato mash for him just similar to the mashed potatoes anyone can have. Certainly, he loved it so much, I just could not believe how well he enjoyed this food.

baby potato mash
potato mash texture for 9 months

For that reason, I decided to write about it here. So that moms like me who are looking for a baby potato mash recipe idea, can leverage on this post

Because babies are different, it is important to consult your babies doctor for the best food suitable for them based on their age and health needs.

Worthy of note, blend this potato into a puree for a 4 (four) months old up to 6 months old. In addition, make it a little bit more coarsely with tinny lumps for 7 months old up to to 9 months.

However, for 9 months plus, The texture you see on the image here is probably the best for them as that is hoe my baby enjoys his. In addition, add more or less water to suit your baby need.

Baby Potato Mash | Mashed Potatoes

Simple baby potato mash for babies from age 4 months and above

  • 8 pieces White potato (Small sizes)
  • 1 piece Sweet potato (big size)
  • 8 tablespoon stew/tomato sauce (home made)
  1. Peel the potatoes nicely.

  2. After that, dice them into small pieces and wash them

  3. Put the washed potatoes in a sauce pan, add water and start to cook

  4. Cook for 5 to 10 minutes or till the potatoes are well cooked and soft

  5. After that, sieve out the excess water in it, add the stew or tomato sauce suitable for babies

  6. Mash them with a potato masher, but you you do not have one, use folk to mash it

  7. Add extra water if you need to. Thickness of the potato mash is based on babies age. So adjust the water to suit your own baby age

Use any type of potato you like or have available to make this baby food. Because my baby loved this recipe so much when I first made it for him. I decided to stick to this

Certainly, you need only potato and tomato sauce for this food. Use any type of potato, or one type of potato. It is my choice to use sweet potato and Irish potato for a blend of taste

Also, any type of tomato sauce or stew may work just fine, here is the type of stew I used for this recipe. feel free to swap in and out of any ingredients in the stew to suit you.

Serving Suggestion For An Adult

Serve this baby tomato mash to an adult as anyone can enjoy it. Certainly, this mashed potato recipe is good for everyone at home. Because, I served it like the image below and it was absolutely delicious.

Just add a spicy chicken marinated in a tomato sauce and you are good to go.

served with spicy chicken

Most Importantly, eat this food just the way you like it or dim fit. For example, you may add some vegetables such as spinach or broccoli . Also, use a well steamed vegetable like ugu (fluted pumpkin) leave.

Similarly, add some green peas, carrots and green beans as well. Also, just be sure you swap in and out of any of the suggested vegetables based on your preference. Because of the current lock down, you may add what you have available.

So, as an African, I will like to add a well cooked beans on the side of this mashed potato. Because a combination of potato and beans is very delicious. Also read how to cook beans without bloating. Even more, read how to cook yam and beans

In conclusion, use any vegetables of choice to make this food for your baby. Because they need to be healthy, consult your dietitian or doctor for what is best for your baby.

Serve this to your baby for dinner, lunch or breakfast. Please let me know if you need any information in the comment section below.

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