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Jollof rice is quite a classic dish in West Africa. However, there is something special about the taste of Nigeria jollof. And that has got many people asking what are Nigeria jollof rice seasoning.

Nigeria jollof rice seasoning plays a critical role in the taste, aroma and appearance of the jollof. For that reason, I am going to walk you through to the basic ingredients that constitute the best Nigeria jollof rice seasoning.

Furthermore, Jollof rice which appears reddish orange in colour is a well sort after delicacy in Nigeria. Even more, this food is enjoyed in a variety of ways such as adding a side dish of salad, fried plantain or serving it with difference kinds of meat and fish.

Most importantly, use all seasoning moderately for a deep complex taste with no high peak of a particular type of ingredient. For instance, add a variety of jollof profile seasoning to create a balance of taste that will be difficult to decipher the exact seasoning used.

Also, this is the major strength for comercial food vendors who know their onus as to tweaking spices and seasoning to achive a complex signature taste profile of jollof rice.

Nigeria Jollof Rice Seasoning

First of all, I will talk about the main Nigeria jollof rice seasoning and as well explain their function in jollof rice. So stick around as we begin with thyme


Thyme is a herb often sold in dried form in Nigeria. This spice provides a huge earthy and lingering taste to jollof rice. Even though it is often neglected, there is no great Nigeria jollof without thyme

Bay leaf

This is quite aromatic that add an amazing taste to jollof. Use a few bay leaves to cook jollof or you can grind it to add flavor and aroma to jollof.


Basil is a mild aromatic herb that give a nice aroma and taste to jollof. Because this herb is not heat stable, add it when the rice is ready.


Oregano add a unique taste to jollof that will make you ask for more, read also fish jollof rice cooked with oregano.


Add some ground nutmeg to jollof rice in company of other ingredients for an awesome taste.


Paprika provide a rich deep reddish orange colour to this food, even more it adds a great taste and aroma. Also, this home made tomato powder is good for a nice jollof taste

Scotch Bonnet Pepper

Scotch bonnet pepper is a must for a Nigerian jollof rice, aside the heat it add to this food, it provide a beautiful aroma and taste that is difficult to resist.


Tatashe add a good taste, aroma and colour to this food, just blend it with the scotch bonnet pepper and you are good to go.

Certainly, tatashe is not paprika even though many people confuse these two. Paprika is made from a red bell pepper. Also, read how paprika is made Nigeria spices and uses

Other Important Nigeria Jollof Rice seasoning Include

  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Curry powder
  • Rosemary
  • Onion
Nigeria jollof rice seasoning
Nigeria jollof rice seasoning

In conclusion, to know the right ingredients for jollof is one part, the next point is to know how to add the right proportion at the right. Even more, add some vegetables such as diced red, green and yellow bell pepper for health, more taste and colour.

Also, throw in some vegetables such as carrots. Put some green peas and green beans for a more healthy jollof.

How do you like your jollof?

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