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Ewa agoyin sauce recipe is a classic delicious traditional stew use for eating beans. This sauce is basically made with assorted pepper, a lot of palm oil, seasoning and crayfish as the key ingredients.

Also, it is known for it’s usual intense char taste with a high spicy heat which is quite addictive in most cases.

Similarly, ewa agoyin sauce is dark in colour with loads of oil covering the pepper in the pot, unlike the regular stew that is brighter. Most importantly, this sauce is a perfect pair of over cooked smashed beans and a soft bread.

However, you can use this sauce to eat boiled yam, plantain or even rice. This stew is a life saver for most workers in Lagos Nigeria for its availability on the streets of Lagos

Certainly, the affordability and the delicious signature burned taste made this food to win the heart of the people.

Ewa Agoyin Sauce Recipe

To achieve ewa agoyin sauce recipe, consider that any type of pepper is fine to cook it. Also, use either fresh or dry pepper, even though many people will prefer the dry one.

However, the secret of the taste is in the frying. Below are the ingredients to use

List Of Ingredients

Cooking Procedure of ewa agoyin sauce

  • First of all, wash all the pepper including the Cameroon pepper and grind them with some water coarsely
  • Put the paprika powder in the pepper and mix. In case you want to use only dry pepper, first soak it with hot water to smoother the tough skin before you blend them
  • Grind the crayfish to a fine powder
  • Peel off the skin of the onion, slice it into small pieces and place it aside
  • After that, place a clean pot on a cooker, heat it a bit to dry every water in it
  • Pour some palm oil and turn the cooker to low. For the reason that the oil need to bleach properly, low heat is important. Even more, the low heat will assist the oil to go up in flames because it can be quite volatile when the temperature of the oil gets high.

Use Cameroon pepper because it adds a nice flavor and aroma to food. Even more, it is very spice and suitable for this sauce.

However, if you like, you can use scotch bonnet pepper or habanero pepper in place of it. Similarly, use paprika in place of bell pepper, just whatever pepper you have around you is fine.

The goal is to make a spicy sauce that generates it’s signature taste from the flavour of pepper and onion released in a hot palm oil.

  • So, test the oil to acertain if it is bleached enough. You will know the oil is ready when the colour changes and become colourless. Just test it by dipping a spoon into the oil, then drop the oil on a white part of a sliced onion, if the colour is clesr on the onion, then it is ready
  • After that, pour the onion and fry it until it is brown
  • Put the ground crayfish, fry it for some seconds
  • Pour the mixture of all the blended pepper now and start frying
  • Fry it until the colour is like this.
  • After that, put the salt and seasoning cubes, mix and simmer it for about 5 minutes
  • Now the ewa agoyin sauce is ready, next is to cook the ewa you will use to enjoy it.

How To Cook Ewa

Ewa is a a white plain beans cooked with no ingredients apart from salt. So, here is how to cook ewa when you are talking ewa agoyin sauce recipe.

  • Select the beans to get rid of all the chaff and stone in it
  • Put some water in a pot and get it to a boil
  • Wash the beans and pour it inside the boiling water
  • Boil for 5 to 10 minutes and sieve out the water to avoid bloating
  • Rinse the beans with a fresh water
  • After that, pour some water in it, add some salt, cover the pot and and start cooking
  • Cook it until the beans in very soft that you can smash it
  • Once the beans is cooked, get it off the cooker and use kitchen wooden spatula to smash it
  • put some of the ewa in a plate and pour some ewa agoyin sauce on it
  • Now enjoy it with bread

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