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Yam And Beans Recipe | Messielakes

Nigerian yam and beans recipe is a way of blending food in one of the most balanced ways. So, as the name implies, It is a porridge made with yam and beans. Most importantly, this food is delicious, feeling and appetising.

Yam and beans is a typical kind of food in Nigeria judged to be outstanding in taste and of high quality. Also, it is loaded with lots of nutrients that is good for the health.

Beans has many health benefits such as possessing antioxidant, protein, fibre and so on. 22

So, if you are looking for a way to add a twist of flavour to this Nigeria yummy delicious staple food. Then stick around, because i am going to walk you through to this quite simple, easy and classic yam and beans recipe.

list of Ingredients

  • Small tuber of Yam
  • Beans 3 cups
  • Paprika 2 spoons
  • Dry fish
  • Scotch bonnet pepper
  • Onion
  • Crayfish
  • A pinch of Cameroon pepper
  • Seasoning cubes 10g
  • Salt to taste
  • Red oil

In addition, add green leafy vegetables to this if you like. Most importantly, use paprika to add some bright colour and taste to the food. Also, use tatashi, red bell pepper or or sweet chilli, just any vegetable that will enhance the colour and taste of the food into a deep yellowish orange porridge.

for the reason that the colour of the food adds to the appeal in the eyes, making it more desirable to eat. However, the Cameroon pepper is to add flavour and heat to the food. While the scotch bonnet adds taste and heat also.

Even more, put chicken beef or any other type of meat or fish you like to enjoy it with. Furthermore, you can use tomato and vegetable oil to cook this food the frying method here.

Certainly, beans cause bloating to some people, see how to cook beans to avoid bloating here

Cooking Procedure

First of all, pick the beans to get rid of all the chaff and stone in it. Certainly, this is quite imperative because, the shock of stone bite while eating is not a good experience.

Also, peel off the skin of the yam, slice it into a small cubs or any shape you like. After that, slice the onions, wash the dry fish with a warn water and set them aside.

  • Wash the beans and pour it in a pot
  • Add water and boil for a few minutes for a wash
  • Drain the water out of the beans, put fresh water to wash it thoroughly
  • After that, put water and cook it on a medium heat for about 20 to 25 minutes
  • Put red oil, salt, paprika, seasoning cubes, crayfish, ground scotch bonnet pepper and stir
  • Put the dry fish, sliced onions and a pinch of Cameroon pepper
  • When the beans is almost soft, put the yam
how to cook beans and yam
  • Cook till the yam and beans are soft
  • Put of the heat and stir the food to blend the yam and beans together
  • At this point, the food is ready.
yam and beans recipe
yam and beans

In conclusion, enjoy this yummy delicacy warm with a chilled water.

how to cook Nigerian yam and beans porridge
yam and beans

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