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How To Cook Egusi Soup Boiling Method

How to cook egusi soup boiling method is all about preparing egusi soup without frying it. So, most often than not, people cook egusi by frying it.

And, as you may know, fried foods are not so healthy to the body. For the reason that eating too much of fried food may lead to oxidative stress. Therefore, to cook egusi soup the boiling method becomes the best option. If you are looking for how to cook egusi soup the boiling way, stick around and i will walk you through to the simplest method of cooking this soup the boiling way.

First of all, egusi soup is a type of African soup made with a ground melon seed as the thickener. However, egusi soup has some nutritional benefits because it is rich in protein, vitamins, fibre. iron and carbohydrate.

In Nigeria, egusi is one of the most popular and sort after soup. This is because, egusi soup is enjoyed by all tribes in Niger. For that reason, This soup must be in the menu of every restaurants even when there is no other type of soup available.

How To Cook Egusi Soup Boiling Method

Firstly, to cook egusi soup the boiling method is quiet simple and easy, Even more, it takes a little time to cook and enjoyed. Similarly, cook this soup with any vegetable of choices.

Most importantly, use any of bitter leaf, ukazi, uziza, pumpkin leaf, oha, spinach, water leaf vegetables to cook this soup. Even more, you can use bitter leaf and water leaf together to cook this soup.

List of ingredients

Secondly, use any meat or fish of choice to cook this soup. Also, it is great to combine difference type of meat for a complex taste and aroma. there is not strict rule to what meat or fish to use for this soup per time.

For instance, Combine beef,chicken, dry fish and cord fish for one cook up as in this one you are reading now. Even more, add some periwinkle, kpomo or wild snails.

Cooking Procedure

First and foremost, get all the ingredients ready
  • Grind the egusi seed
  • Wash and grind the scotch bonnet pepper, Crayfish and set them aside
  • Soak the dry fish with hot water for a few minutes, wash it thoroughly especially the back to get rid of sand. Also, remove all the bones to avoid choking on it while eating the soup
  • Wash the cord fish, chicken and beef thoroughly with a clean water. Also make sure to cut them according to your size preference
  • Wash the bitter leaf severally to ensure the bitter taste is reduced to the lowest level. More so, buy already washed one from the market to eliminate the stress of washing it. After that, all the ingredients are ready, now, begin the actual cooking
Secondly, begin the cooking
  • Put the washed meat, chicken and cord fish into a pot and turn on the cooker
  • Put some crayfish, salt, seasoning cubes, a little water and cook for about 30 to 40 minutes
  • Add, the washed dry fish, red oil and cook fr 10 to 15 minutes
  • Put the egusi and stir, add crayfish, salt to taste, seasoning cubes, scotch bonnet pepper and one full table spoon of paprika to give it a nice colour and taste
  • Stir and cook for for about 10 to 15 minutes. Also, stir at interval to avoid the soup burning.
  • After that, add the bitter leaf and stir. Cook for about 5 to 10 minutes and the soup is ready
How to cook egusi soup boiling method
Egusi soup

Summarily, use paprika to add a brighter colour to this soup. Also, use tatashi, or red bell pepper on place of paprika if you do not have one. Most importantly, cook the stock cord fish from the beginning with meat because it is very tough and takes time cook.

So, it is imperative to cook the cord fish slowly and for a longer time to get all the flavour from it released and to also get it tender as well.

In conclusion, enjoy egusi soup with eba, fufu, oat poundo, semo or any swallow of choice.

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