How Does Drinking Garri Affect The Eyes?

If you are wondering how does drinking garri affect the eyes people, I believe you are. For the reason that you are reading this post somehow suggest that you wish to know how.

So, stick around while I walk you through to what drinking garri means, And, of course, tell you how it may affect your eyes

First of all, drinking garri involves putting some water into garri for drinking. However, this is sometimes done with milk and other food items.

Even more, people of Nigeria and other African countries drink garri in the afternoon.

So, afternoon is usually hotter, as a result, drinking garri serves as refreshment.

Furthermore, garri is a Nigerian staple food made. Above all, it is made from processing cassava tubers. Most importantly, this stable food aid digestion and rich in Vitamin A.

Also, It is quite affordable in Nigeria and consumed traditionally by both the rich ans the poor.

Garri goes by many names such as oto or cassava flakes when soaked in water drinking. Even more, you can make garri with hot water and eat it with soup.

However, soup to Nigerians is different from what the rest of the world call soup, here soup is like a vegetable sauce such as ofe owerri.

How To Eat Garri As Eba With Soup

So, eba is what you get when you make garri into a swallow, and you can enjoy it with any type of soup like bitter leave soups or an okro soup and so on.

How to make eba out of garri
  • Get a water to a boil in a kettle
  • Pour some of the boiled water into a clean bowl
  • Add some garri into the bowl gradually and in a circular motion
  • Turn it with a wooden spatula until a solid consistent dough like structure is formed
  • Serve with any soup of choice

How To Drink Garri

Certainly, drinking garri in a very hot afternoon with a cold water is refreshing. I remember those days when I was in boarding house, drinking garri in the hot afternoon was life. Garri flakes as we fondly call it was a top notch refreshing delicacy.

What You Need To drink garri With
  • Water
  • Honey
  • Milk
  • Garri
  • Sugar
  • Peanuts
Other Things You May Drink Garri With
Drinking Garri Procedure
  • Get a clean small size bowl
  • Sieve some garri with a sieve to collect only the finer components of the it. However, you can decide to skip this step if you like
  • Pour the garri into a bowl and add some cold water
  • Put honey or sugar
  • Add some milk and stir it
  • Throw in the peanuts or sliced coconuts
  • Mix everything together and enjoy with spoon

Secondly, Because of peanuts in this recipe, this snack may not be suitable for someone with peanut allergy. Here, coconuts may be a better option or simple take the mixture without a peanuts or coconuts.

Finally, enjoy garri with beans, akara, moi moi or fish if you have not tried it before. In other words, those pairs are so delicious and nutritious as well.

Read how to cook beans to avoid bloating, Also how to make akara at home .

How Drinking Garri May Affect The Eyes

In conclusion, cassava tuber contain cyanide. Similarly, garri made from cassava may damage the eyes. “”

In addition, because garri may have some retention of cyanide during processing, this may lead to an eye defects or intestinal discomfort if taken in excess.

Drinking garri demands a total observation of hygiene as there is no room for heating.

Therefore, store garri in a covered container to avoid insects on rats getting in contact with it.

In other words, laser fever may spread through garri exposed to the fluid of a carrier rat.

How do you like to drink your own garri?

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