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When Is the Best time To Eat Oatmeal

Oatmeal is packed with loads of nutrients needed for the body to function optimally. However, if you are wondering when is the best time to eat oatmeal, why you should eat oatmeal.

Even more, what to eat oatmeal with, just please stick around as I, am going to walk you through to all of that in this post.

First of all, what is an oats? Oats are whole grain food that is rich in soluble fibre, vitamins, minerals, protein and other nutrients. $$

Furthermore, if you ask some people when is the best time to eat oatmeal, they often say it is in the morning. Certainly, for me, there is no defined time one should or must eat oatmeal. Therefore, eat it at anytime you feel like.

Secondly, oatmeal is enjoyed either with only milk, or eat it with fruits such as banana, berries and so on. Even more, eat oatmeal with akara, if you are wondering what akara is or do not know how to make it. Please head over here and learn the simple steps for making akara.

In addition, Akara also known as acaraje is made from a deep fried peeled ground beans, onion, pepper, vegetable oil and salt rolled into a ball. so, as a tasty street food for breakfast, it is commonly found in West Africa and Brazil.

Oatmeal and akara is one of my most cherished breakfast combination. For the reason that the combination is quite tasty and as well healthy for the body. Therefore, you can go ahead and give this set of breakfast breakfast options a trial.

How To Make Oatmeal

for the most part, you will need the following to make it

List Of Ingredients

  • Oats
  • Milk
  • Water
  • Sugar (optional)

Oatmeal is one of the simplest breakfast food to make. In addition, just simply follow the following steps to make it.

  • Get a clean water to a boil in a medium size pot
  • Put some oats inside the pot, stir and allow it to boil for some minutes
  • Turn the content into a clean plate
  • Add sugar to taste and stir
  • Add milk and stir. After that, the oatmeal is ready.

Finally, use Banana to replace the sweetness of sugar in in this bowl of goodness. Because, banana will in fact add sweetness to it, even more, it will also add lots of nutrients. However, refined sugar may never give all these benefits to the body. Also, use liquid milk to cook oat in place of milk if you like to.

Banana is rich in potassium, helps regulate blood pressure and contains lots of vitamins and minerals. In conclusion, to eat Oatmeal and banana, just go ahead and make the oatmeal following the above procedure.

But do not add sugar to it as you will use banana as the sugar replacer. Lastly, add milk and sliced ripe banana into the oatmeal, mix and enjoy.

Oatmeal And Akara In Lagos

So. once upon a time in Lagos, it was a rainy Thursday morning when I planed to have an oatmeal and akara for breakfast. On my way to work as usual, I made a stop by one akara vendor to buy some just as usual.

But, on that faithful mourning, it was sad that the vendor chose that very day to be her day off unannounced. If I said I was heart broken, that would have been an understatement. It was a great disappointment.

You know the saying “some people tend to overestimate what they mean to you while some other people really underestimate their value in your life. Certainly, some people do not know what they or what their acts and arts may mean to others.

Obviously, the akara vendor clearly do not know what her akara mean to me especially that very Thursday morning.

When Is The best Time To Eat Oatmeal

Most importantly, go ahead and eat oatmeal anytime you wish to. However, many people eat oatmeal for breakfast, apparently, because of its high fibre content. For that reason, eat your oatmeal at breakfast

finally, eat oatmeal served with moi moi, or banana . Also add some berries to your oatmeal or eat it with jollof beans, whole wheat bread and so on. You probably haven’t had an oatmeal with akara before and that is excusable until you try it once. I will guarantee you wont like to stop.

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