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How To Make beef burger At Home

How to make beef burger at home is quite simple and takes a few ingredients. So, a simple home made burger recipe is a an easy and less expensive way of having your burger at home. And, what if I say that I actually make the best burger than the McDonald? lol.

What Is Burger?

Burger is simply a sandwich made with a fried, cooked, baked or grilled cake of minced/ground meat. Also, burger is made and served with sauce, cheese, tomatoes, and vegetables.

There are chicken burger, hamburger, beef burger, turkey burger, cheese burger and so on. However, hamburger and beef burger happens to be the most common. So, I was coming back from an event the other day, and felt like having a bite of a burger.

One Burger Day

And, because there is this MacDonald outlet just close to my street gave me hope. While enjoying my beef burger saved with French fries and a cup of coke with some ice cubes in it. And I felt like I spent way too much for just a burger and coke considering the cost.

In addition, I quite understand that the staff of MacDonald needs to be paid their salaries. Even more, the minimum wage here is not cheap, so the high price seem justifiable.

However, I believed it is to my benefit to make burger at home especially when I am less busy and have as much as I want at a lesser cost. Therefore, I decided to go shopping for a burger recipe.

Furthermore, when I eat any food including burger I am able to tell what ingredients used in making such food. So putting up food recipes together is just easy and simple to me.

Apparently, this is because I am trained to figure out the ingredients used in making food. In addition, it is always, not an issue for me to analyse any food I am eating by default. And sometimes, it is just for no particular reason, but doing so has come to be be a part of me which I love anyway.

I Went Burger Recipe Shopping

Furthermore, I was able to buy some burger bread or do they call it burger buns😀?. Also some lettuce, an already made raw beef burger and tomatoes. Since I have mayonnaise and ketchup at home, my beef burger is half way ready.

At this point, this is how I made my simple home made burger recipe and enjoyed it with my family. So, Simple Home Made Burger Recipe Like I always say, most of the food we eat outside our homes are easy to make.

Even more, another edge one have over cooking and eating at home, is the ability to control what ingredients to have in the food. So this is my own how to make beef burger at home recipe.

How to Make Beef Burger At Home

Firstly, below are the list of ingredients I used to make this burger, nothing dramatic, just a few ingredients.

List Of Ingredients

  • Bread buns or bread roll
  • Tomato
  • Lettuce
  • Ketchup
  • Mayonnaise
  • Garlic
  • Margarine
sliced tomatoes and lettuce

Cooking Procedure

First of all, get all the ingredients ready.

  • Wash the tomatoes and lettuce
  • Slice the tomatoes
  • Dice the garlic into tiny beats and place aside.
Sear The Burger

Secondly, to sear the burger, Place a frying pan on a cooker, turn on the heat and adjust it to medium

  • Add some margarine to melt and spread all over the bottom of the frying pan. Unlike akara where you need to deep fry.
  • put the diced garlic and fry for 1 to 2 minutes
  • Drop in the burgers gently and allow it to cook for about 8 to 10 minutes Turn the beef burger to the other side for it to cook as well
  • Also read this trending air fryer bugger recipe
seared burger
  • Remove the burger from heat once it is cooked and has turned brown
  • Cut the bread buns into two
  • Spread some mayonnaise and ketchup on the inside
  • Place the burger on top of the cut bread
  • Add the sliced tomatoes and place the lettuce on the top of the bread
  • Cover it with the other half of the bread and he burger is ready to be enjoyed

Finally, serve burger with french fries, hot sauce or ketchup and a drink of your choice. And, another home made you like is this yummy banana pancake

In conclusion, you may add cheese, sliced cucumber or any vegetable of your taste. Also, you may go ahead and toast the bread when you cut it to add a little bit of toasted flavour to it.

Is this recipe helpful?

How to make beef burger at home
beef burger

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