How To Make Yam Porridge With Tomato

How to make yam porridge with tomato is one of the many different ways to cook yam. So, in this post, I am going to walk you through to how to make yam porridge with tomatoes and wholewheat macaroni

Even more, use wholewheat macaroni to cook yam porridge with tomato, just so, you will add some more fibre and another line of taste plus texture to the food.

Furthermore, Whole wheat macaroni is rich with loads of nutrients and fibre, that is, about 6% fibre content in wholewheat macaroni. And, this is absolutely superb for digestion and help maintain the health of the entire gastrointestinal track.

More so, porridge yam is a very delicious and well sort after food in Africa. So, you can cook porridge yam with beans, some other times, cook it with green leafy vegetables.

In addition, you can cook yam plainly just with water and salt, then eat it with an egg sauce. Also, you can eat it with stew, garden egg sauce or any gravy of choice.

Because yam is a staple food in Nigeria and by extension, Africa, its a a type of food that has many ways you can prepare it.

And, that includes roasting with charcoal or simply by using stove to roast it. After that, enjoy it with palm oil mixed with salt and fresh pepper or any sauce. Also, do fry yam like french fries and enjoy it with ketchup or hot sauce.

In other hands, bake yam in the oven and eat it with sauce. Also, pound yam in what is popularly known as poundo, a form of fufu. After that, enjoy the yam fufu with soups such as bitter leaf soup, or ofe owerri and so on.

How To Make Yam Porridge With Tomato And Macaroni

First of all, to add more colour, class and complex taste to yam. Use tomato and cook it like how to cook jollof rice. So this is a method that give yam more prestige and an unusual palatable way of enjoying yam.

List Of Ingredients

Get The Ingredients Ready

First of all, Peel the yam and cut it into small cubes. Similarly, use the yam in freezer as was discussed here.

Wash them and set it aside. After that, Peel and dice the onion into tiny pieces. Also, Peel, wash and dice the onion.

Cut the gizzard into smaller sizes and wash them clean, drain out the water and set them aside.

Furthermore, grind the the ginger, garlic, uziza, negro pepper and habanero pepper together. After that, scoop it in a plate and keep it for later use. Lastly, slice the tomato or you can also blend it with a blender.


Use chicken, beef or any other meat of choice to cook this food. Because you do not necessarily have to use gizzard, or only gizzard. Also add any fish of choice, just as you like to enjoy your food.

Even more, you can also use tomato powder or tomato paste in place of fresh tomato. Also you can add some leafy vegetables to this food or sprinkle some chopped leaf of curry (basil) leafs on it to add more flavour and aroma.

Cooking Procedure

  • Put a clean pot on a cooker, dry the water and add vegetable oil
  • Heat the oil till you can get the smell of the oil
  • Add the chopped onion and stir fry for about 1 minute
  • Pour in the sliced tomato and Stir
  • cook till the water dries out leaving only oil on the surface
  • Put the raw gizzard inside the fried tomato
  • Add salt, bay leaf, bouillon cubes, also pour in the ground uziza, negro pepper, garlic and ginger, ground crayfish, stir it and cover the pot
  • Cook for about 10 to 15 minutes or until the gizzard is almost cooked
how to cook yam porridge with gizzard
Gizzard sauce
  • Put the peeled yam and also put in the wholewheat macaroni, stir.
  • Ensure that water level is at par with the yam and macaroni, and cover the pot to cook for about 15 minutes.
  • Turn it to marry the sauce and the yam. Depending on the type of yam you are cooking. Some yam cook faster than some, so ensure that you do not over cook the yam. However, for a yam porridge such as this one, the softer it is the better and the tastier it gets. Because it allow for all the ingredients used to cook it to be absorbed harmoniously by the yam cubes
  • Dish the yam in a plate and enjoy it warm with a glass of cold water or any drink of choice
how to make yam porridge with tomato
yam porridge

In conclusion, the texture of yam and macaroni in the mouth when eating is out of this world good. so, you just scoop some macaroni, a small piece of yam surrounded by the porridge sauce into the mouth.

After that, chew and enjoy the nice taste of this delicacy, then wash it down with a glass of cold water.

Have you tried this recipe before?

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