How To Preserve Yam At Home

How to preserve yam at home for a long time without it going bad or getting rotten includes freezing. So many people have the challenge of storing their uncooked yam without worrying about spoilage.

For that reason, I am going to walk you through a simple method you can use to preserve yam at home. So, do stick around and grab this short, simple and effective yam preservation method at home.

What Is Yam?

Firstly, yam is an edible tuber usually referred to as vegetables in the United states of America. And, the tuber has a brown rough skin and a white flesh.

Sometimes the flesh or the meat of the yam is yellow in colour. And, according to UN food and agriculture organisation, Nigeria is the highest producer of yam in the world followed by Ghana.

Secondly, the consumption of lots of yam has been rumoured to cause multiple birth in Nigeria.

Even more, the South West people of Nigeria consume the most yam and they have the most multiple births in the country. And for this reason, consumimg lots of yam may lead to mutiple birth

Furthermore, the yellow type of yam is native to Africa and have a slightly different taste from the white type. However, both white and yellow yams are all brown on the outside.

Types Of Yam

How to preserve yam at home
Whole yam

Because, Yams comes in difference varieties, some of the type of yam in existence include:

White yam: White yam is the most common and widely eaten type of yam in Africa, it is used in cooking varieties of dishes and can be eaten in difference ways. Even more, use white yam to cook Porridge yam, white yam or make fried yams.

So, white yam is the typical yam used in making pounded yam. Also use white yam to process yam flour, amala and so on.

Water yam: Water yam is a bit slippery when grated or crushed, it is used in the making of some African food in like Ekpa nkwukwo.

Ekpa nkwukwo is an African delicacy popular in the South South region of Nigeria. Another dish made with the water yam called ikokore and it is common by the people South West Nigeria.

Chinese yam: Chinese yam grows in a colder condition unlike the others. It is native to China and smaller in size than the regular type of yam.

Yellow yam: yellow yam is a very special type of yam which is not so common to come by. It taste really good and has its inner part (the flesh) to be yellow just as the name implies.Lesser yam: This type is native to the Southeast Asian.Bitter yam: Biter yam is native to West Africa.

How To Preserve Yam At Home By Freezing

First of all, to preserve yam at home by freezing is an easy none chemical way of preserving yam. So, follow the following steps

  • Cut the yam tuber into a size that can be held in the hand for easy peeling.
  • Peel off the brown skin of the yam neatly
Yam preservation by freezing
Peeled yam
  • Cut the yam into a desirable sizes and shape
  • Wash the peeled yam with a clean water
How to preserve uncooked yam
Washed yam
  • After that, put the washed yam into a zip lock bag and seal it
yam freeze preservation
peeled yam

Put the sealed yam into a freezer to freeze. Finally, With this method, the yam can last for many months and even years without going bad.

Furthermore, To cook the yam, all you need to do is to take it out of the freezer, let it defrost. Also, you may use microwave to defrost it. After that, place them in a pot, add water and cook, or fry it. In conclusion, cook the yam with any method that you wish and enjoy your meal.

Another method is by placing the yam on a wooden stand in a well ventilated space. Also, make sure it is away from direct heat, light or water. By this, the yam will stay for months without going bad.

So, aside yam freeze preservation method, what other methods do you use in preserving yam?

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