How To Cook Okro Soup Without Frying

How to cook okro soup without frying is one of the healthiest way to cook and enjoy Okro soup.

So, okro or okra is a green finger shaped vegetable use in cooking African delicacies. Also, okro is from a flowering plant known as lady’s fingers in many English speaking countries.

moreover, this vegetable has difference names. And, the name assigned to it is based on the region where it is mentioned.

For instance, okro is usually called okra in the UK (United Kingdom), in the Unites states of America and Philadelphia. While the Igbos from the Eastern part of Nigeria call it okworo. Firstly, Okro is sticky when diced or mashed and have a way of binding with water in a sauce or soup.

Okro is considered as an important crop in many countries because of its nutritional value.

Also, for the fact that the leave and some other part of the plant can be eaten not only the pod. The usefulness of okro cannot be over emphasise.

Secondly, many people make okro soup because of its sticky nature which allow water, okro and every other ingredients used in making the soup to bind together. Thereby forming okro soup.

Some Okro Insight

So, this vegetable contains about 90% of water. Also, it contains carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, folate, thiamine, magnesium etc.

Even more, the colour of okro is mostly green. However, there are other colours associated with okro. For example, there is a red okro.Futhermore, the red okro originated from Burgundy. Butgundy is a historical region in East-central France.

So, because of the origin of red okro, people usually refer it as Burgundy red okro.

How To Cook Okro Soup Without Frying

Primarily, to cook okro, you will need to fry it. However, since fried food is one of the factors that causes oxidative stress in the body. So, in other to reduce free radicals in the body, Consider to cook foods such as okro without out frying it.

So, to cook these okro, we need a few ingredients. Remember, all the ingredients you need when you want to fry it, is still the same with when you are cooking it. The only difference is that you will not fry anything in this recipe.

List Ingredients

Cooking Procedure

Okro soup recipe
Chopped okro

First of all prepare all the ingredients and set them aside. For example, wash and slice the okro. Also, wash and cut the chicken to a desired size. Secondly, slice the onions, grind the pepper, the uziza and crayfish.

Thirdly, wash the dry fish with hot water, that is, soak it for a few minutes. After that, break it open to remove the bones and then wash it.

However, slice the pepper if you like to site the particles of pepper in soup. So, once all the ingredients are ready, we can start cooking. Below is the procedure to cook okro without frying it

  • Put the washed chicken into a pot
  • Add seasoning, salt, half of the crayfish, pepper, onion and cook
  • After that, Put the dry fish
  • Cook till the chicken is tender
  • Add like half spoon of paprika, vegetable oil and stir
  • Put the remaining pepper, crayfish and add seasoning, salt to taste
  • Stir it and cook for about 3 to 5 minutes
  • Put the ogiri, uziza and cook for about 1 minute
  • Pour the okro now and stir, cook for 40- 60 seconds and put it off from the cooker.
How to cook okro soup
Okro soup

Summarily, do not over cook the okro to be able to gain all the benefits. Some nutritional contents of vegetables are heat sensitive. So, when you over cook them, you nmay loose the nutrients.

How to cook okro without frying
Okro soup

In conclusion, enjoy okro with garri, fufu, yam or rice. Also, you can eat it without anything.

How do you enjoy your okro soup?

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