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Enugu abacha recipe is one of the best recipes for abacha. First, Enugu has the best recipe for dry abacha and Abia has the best recipe for wet abacha. So, abacha is a dish made from a specially processed shredded cassava mixed with oil and other ingredients.

First of all, abacha is a special delicacy that originated from the South East of Nigeria. Secondly, based on the dialect of the eastern people, some call it ji akpu, ji akwu, ugba and so on.

Also, as a popular and well sort after dish, there are dedicated street vendors who make a living out of preparing and selling abacha.

Finally, these vendors either sell it on the road sides, bukas, restaurants or carry it about into the street, markets and to anywhere they can be patronised.

Enugu Abacha recipe

For the reason that abacha has a spicy and ethnic yellow shade signature colour, almost every tourist to the eastern Nigeria like to have a taste of the food. However, enjoy this food in varieties of ways, you may want to add some cow skin, fried fish, vegetables and so on to it.

How to make abacha is just near as simple as eating it, no dramatic procedure, just a straight forward process. I personally like to enjoy the white abacha also known as akpu nmiri with coconut also.

List Of Ingredients

  • Dry abacha
  • Palm oil
  • Onion
  • Dry pepper
  • Salt
  • Potash
  • Ground crayfish
  • Ogiri
  • African Nutmeg (Ehuru)
  • Seasoning cubes
  • African Fermented oilbean (Ugba)
  • Egg plants
  • Utazi leaves
  • Cow skin (pomo, kanda)

First of all, ogiri is very important for this dish because it brings out the very real taste of abacha. Also, use dry abacha as was mentioned in my ingredients list because there is also wet type of abacha.

Furthermore, dry abacha is processed by shredding the cassava raw before boiling it. After that, wash and dry it under the sun.

Also, use both type of abacha to prepare this delicacy, it all depends on what you have available.

However, dry abacha is more readily available because it can be stored for a long time. This will be super helpful for those who do not wish to make a fresh wet abacha at all time for this preparation.

Even more, both wet and dry form of abacha can be purchase from the local market. Utazi leaves give a slight bitter note to this food which is very much required for a complete rounded taste. however, The leaves of egg plant or garden egg can be used in place of utazi.

Ground Crayfish is a must add to this dish as it is one of the ingredients that forms the signature taste of abacha. Potash also known as akanwu or ncha in Igbo language serves as an emulsifier here.

Even more, always make sure to use potash for mixing oil and water. So, potash will see to a uniform blend of water and oil without them separating. Therefore, Potash is a key ingredients for getting the right texture and colour of abacha.

Preparing procedure of Enugu Abacha

Firstly, get all the ingredients ready. Secondly mix them together. So we are going to have two stages for this cook up, one is the preparation stage and second is the mixing stage.

Stage One: Preparation Of Ingredients
  1. Toast the dry pepper and African nutmeg a bit in a dry pot to unleash the roasted notes
  2. Blend the toasted pepper and African nutmeg to powder
  3. Soak the dry abacha in a hot water for about 10-15 minutes to soften it
  4. Sieve out the water when it is soft with a sieve and set it aside.
  5. Wash and slice the utazi leaves, garden egg and onions
  6. Clean, wash and cook the cow skin with crayfish, some pepper, salt and bouillon cubes
  7. After that, Pour cow the skin in a bowl
  8. Grind the potash into a powder and set it aside
  9. Warm the palm oil a bit to ensure it is very free flowing
  10. Burn the wrap of African oil bean (ugba) over a flame. The burning of the leaves used in wrapping the ugba also releases another unique roasted flavour. However, if you are unable to do this, empty the ugba into a pot, add a little salt and boil it for about 2-4 minutes.

Stage two: Mixing Procedure

Secondly, stage two is the mixing of all the ingredients together. so below are the procedure.

  • Pour some powder potash in medium size bowl
  • Put little amount of water
  • Add the ground pepper and African nutmeg (ehuru) Stir it thoroughly
  • Pour some free flowing palm oil Stir again until the the water and oil mix together, looking yellow and a bit pasty like this👇
  • Pour the pomo with the water in to lighten the thickness of the mixture and stir
  • Add the abacha and stir
  • Put in the ugba and stir again, making sure everything blends as required
  • Add salt, ogiri, seasoning cubes, crayfish, all the ingredients and stir until every ingredients is properly mixed
  • Pour the sliced onion and garden egg, then stir again Taste for salt and the Enugu Abacha is ready

Finally, dish out the abacha, and garnish it with the utazi vegetable. Also, you can add sliced onion, garden egg and utazi together as garnishing.

However, put fried fish and pomo on the side of the dished Enugu abacha for your eating pleasure.

In conclusion, enjoy Enugu abacha with palm wine or any drink of choice.

How do you like to enjoy your abacha?

Enugu Abacha recipe
Enugu Abacha

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