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Fenugreek Uses In Food

fenugreek seed use in food
Fenugreek seed

Fenugreek uses in food and in alternative medicine is an age long practice. Fenugreek is a popular ingredients in Assisn cuisine. However, fenugreek uses in food has spread across the globe

Fenugreek is a small caramel coloured annual spice that comes from the family of fabaceae. It is a common spice used in medicine and food. However, this spice is popularly use to make curry powder.

Fenugreek Uses In Food

So, just like every other spices and herbs, fenugreek uses in food is not different. However, a little rule different from other spices may be applied. Therefore, the following are fenugreek uses in food.

Use Whole Fenugreek

Because, the potency of fenugreek fades gradually when in ground form, use it as soon as you grind it. In other words, buy the whole spice and ground it when you want to cook as the whole spice retains its flavour for a longer time.

Use It With other Spices

I remembered the first time I had to use fenugreek in cooking, it turned out that the taste came out quite off and not so palatable. So, just about then, I realised I had to us it in combination with other spices.

For the reason that this spice is very pungent and may add a high off taste note to food. Use it with other spices, this will keep this spice pungency in the background. Thereby, supplying a complex taste profile to the food.

In other words, mix it with other spices such as nutmeg, ginger, garlic, turmeric onion or basil. Also because there are no limits to your choice of spices, you can therefore use it with other spices such as oregano and paprika. Summarily, you may like to add a little bit of it to curry powder or make an entire seasoning blend with it.

Don’t use Too Much Of Fenugreek

first of all, fenugreek is very pungent, so use as little as possible in cooking. In addition, too much of this spice in food will make the food too concentrated and strong in taste for eating. Also, because the fenugreek seed is tough to grind, use a coffee grinder to grind it to powder

Dry Fry It Before Cooking With It

The best flavour of fenugreek comes from a toasted one, therefore, toast it with a pan before grinding it. So, to toast it, place a pan over a cooker and heat it up. Pour some of the seed inside the pan and toss it for a few minutes. grind it afterwards to powder using a coffee grinder

Use It To Cook These Food
  • Use it to add flavour and aroma in your curries
  • Cook some sauce with it for a maximum flavour and aroma. Use it in sauces such as barbecue sauce, hot sauces and chimichurri sauces.
Fenugreek uses in food
Chimichurri sauce
  • Also, put some of it in your pickles

In conclusion, use fenugreek leaf in combination with the seed just as they do with uziza

Uses of fenugreek in food
Fenugreek leaf

How do you like your fenugreek?

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