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Christmas Popcorn – How It Is Made

Christmas popcorn, how is it made? is a regular question asked during Christmas holidays. So, this Christmas 2019 has kicked up in full swing, and we all want to know or find out the snacks we will want to use to celebrate the holiday.

So, Christmas holidays is always the time we share with our families and friend. Cook difference delicacies and make some snacks. Every christian and non christian alike look forward to this season and all the merriment that comes with it.

Therefore, resting, eating and snacking is a huge part of the Christmas holidays. While we talk about healthy foods to enjoy the holidays with, we also talk about healthy snack. Therefor, in this post, we shall be talking about how healthy Christmas popcorn recipe is achieved.

Another made at home snacks that you can try for this Christmas holidays is this crunchy chin chin a snack made from dough. Why Christmas popcorn? Because, Christmas popcorn is healthy, crunchy, tasty, very easy and simple to make at the comfort of your home.

List of Ingredients

Christmas popcorn recipe
Popcorn kernels

Christmas popcorn – How It Is Made

  • Place frying pan on a cooker and let it dry from every trace of water
  • Drop some butter into the pan, let it melt in a medium heat level
  • Pour some of the popcorn kernels into the pan
  • Cover the pan and allow t it to heat up
  • Tilt the pan when the corn starts to pop making sure the pan is covered. This is to ensure that the kernels that are not popped gets to the bottom of the pan so that it can pop also. Now the kernels are popping.
  • Turn the popcorn into a bowl
  • Add a pinch of salt
  • Put Sugar
  • Sprinkle some Christmas sprinkle on it
  • Mix it thoroughly and serve.
Christmas popcorn, how it is made
Christmas popcorn
Serving Suggestion

In conclusion, enjoy your popcorn by adding some garnish to it. In other words add peanuts and some other scrunchies to the Christmas popcorn, mix them together so that you can pick them inseparably to eat. Serve it and enjoy the tasty snack.

Also, you will like to add some m&m and white chocolates on it, cut the white chocolates into small pieces just about the size of the popcorn, mix the m&m, the white chocolates and the popcorn together. At this juncture, you may serve it with a bottle of coke.

In other hand, drop some honey on the Christmas popcorn and enjoy your snacks.

How do you like your Christmas popcorn? please drop your preference on the comment section below

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