How To Use Uziza Seed

How to use uziza seed is quite simple. use Uziza to cook Nigeria soup, yam, pepper soup and several other type of dishes. Notice that uziza is a spice commonly found in African. Also, the botanical name is piper guineense, It has other names such as Benin pepper, Ashanti pepper and so on.

Uziza seed is a tiny black seed usually sold in a dry form. It is gotten from the fresh fruits of uziza plant. However, this spice can be used to cook either fresh or dry. Even though the dry type looks a bit like black pepper, it is in fact quite different from black pepper.

Often times, people confuse this spice with black pepper. But they have a very loud taste and aroma difference. It is even pardonable to use white pepper in place of black pepper than in place of uziza because of their taste difference.

How To Use Uziza Seed

how to use uziza seed
uziza seed

This spice comes in two parts. The leaf and the seeds are the two major edible parts which taste similar. However, the seed is more pungent in aroma and taste than the leaf. Furthermore, they are both use in cooking several dishes in Nigeria. Because they add flavour and aroma to food with a slight spicy note which sometimes have a bit of chocking effect.

  • First of all, dry the fresh seed either under the sun or using a food dehydrator
  • Ground it into powder form
  • Pour it into a food grade air tight container
  • Store it in ambient temperature for use
  • Scoop a little quantity into the food you want to use it for. Do it towards the end of the cooking to avoid the flavour of the uziza flashing off as a result of too much cooking

In addition, you can use uziza to make pepper soup, oha soup, bitter leaf soup, vegetable soup, yam poridge and yam pepper soup. Also use it to cook okro soup, egusi soup and practically every type of Nigeria soup works well with uziza

Futhermore, a typical food that calls for uziza seeds also calls for uda (negro pepper). Some of such food include goat meat pepper soup, yam pepper soup and so on

How To Use Uziza Leaf

uziza leaf

Similarly, Uziza leaf is first shredded as it is done in ugu vegetable. In other words, you need to wash the uziza leaf thoroughly, shred it and add it into the food you are cooking when it is almost cooked.

Furthermore, boil the leaf with water and drink it as tea. This helps relieve dysentery, help with free bowl movement and also improve appetite.

In conclusion, use uziza seed and leaf together for cooking. It gives a well rounded and complex taste to food. Pit the ground uziza seed in the food first, then followed with the leaf.

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