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Why Is My Akara Flat (recipe)

Why is my Akara flat is a frequent question people who fry akara ask. So, in this post, I am going to walk you through to why akara is sometimes flat. Also, how to make akara.

Furthermore, akara which is also known as acaraje is a breakfast food primarily made from a deep fried mixture of beans, pepper, onion and salt. So as tasty street food for breakfast, it is commonly found in West Africa and Brazil.

Why Is My Akara Always Flat

Do you like to know something? Maybe you have come across this question or you are one of the people who always ask “why is my akara flat”? after frying it. Because there are a number of reasons why it can be flat, you actually have nothing to worry about.

But in case you are wondering here are why. In other words, always know that even though it gets flat, that actually does not affect the taste or texture of the akara.

Summarily, here are why it gets flat sometimes.

  • Because the level of the oil on the fryer or frying pan is not high enough. For this reason, when you drop the paste of the ground beans mixture in the oil. It assumes the level of the oil and flatten up
  • In addition, another reason is because the water in the beans mixture is too much. As a result, when you drop in the ball, it scatters in the oil thereby making the ball to become flat.
  • Lastly, how you scoop the mixture into the oil could be the reason. For instance, if you make the mixture flat while scooping it into the oil, the end product will be flat.

Health benefits of beans

Beans the seed from a flowering plants classified as legumes contains some amino acids. Amino acids are chemicals that when they combine, they form protein and help build muscles.

Some health benefits of beans include the following
Prevent birth defects: The folate content of beans is essential for a developing baby. So eating beans is very important for pregnant women.

Low in fat: Because of the very little fat in beans, it is good for weight loss programs.

Full of fibre: Beans is loaded with fiber. Fibre has been known to be a very important part of a healthy diet. It gets the digestive system working sufficiently.

Rich in antioxidants: Antioxidants neutralise the effects of free radicals in the body

How To Fry Akara

So, to fry akara, the beans used in making it is first peeled. And, you peel it by soaking it in water for some minutes. Then, wash it to remove the outer shell. Beans chaff is less denser than the main beans, making it easy to float on water for easy removal.

Furthermore, the peeled beans is ground with a blender, preferably a smoothie blender with onion and some bell pepper. Smoothie blender makes better and smother blend of beans for akara. However, you can use any available blender, and blend it multiple times to achieve smoothness if you have to.

List Of Ingredients

The list of ingredients needed to make akara is short and simple. They include

  • Beans
  • Pepper
  • Onion
  • Salt
  • Vegetable oil

Frying Procedure

  • Wash and peel the beans or simply use an already peeled beans.
  • Dice onions and pepper and set them aside
  • Put the beans, some of the pepper and the onion with small water into a blender
  • Ground them into a smooth paste
  • Turn the blend into a bowl
  • Add salt to taste, a little water, the remaining diced onion, and pepper like the image below
  • Mix it to get a consistent mixture

The Frying Stage

  • Place a frying pan on a cooker
  • Put some vegetable into the frying pan enough to deep fry the mixture
  • Heat the oil until you can get the smell of the hot oil
  • Add some onion into the hot oil, to release flavour needed for the akara frying
  • Scoop the blended mixture one after the other into the oil with a small spoon
  • Fry until it turns brown, then flip to the other side and fry
  • Pick the fried akara out into a sieve with a bed of napkins. I.e spread s pepper napkins on the base of the sieve. This will help to absorb any excess oil

In Conclusion, akara is ready for serving. Serving suggestions may include serving it with bread like a sandwich. Also, it may be served with garri, custard or pap. However, Akara and oat is my own personal best combination for breakfast.

How do you enjoy akara? please comment below.

How to fry akara

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