Boiled Plantain And Vegetable Recipe

boiled plantain and vegetable recipe
boiled plantain and vegetable sauce

Boiled plantain and vegetable recipe is one of the most palatable and healthy food you will want to eat. So, if you love to eat healthy, then adding vegetables to your food is a wise decision to make. Also, when you decide to pair a vegetable sauce with plantain and an egg sauce, then you have made a good bargain for yourself.

Furthermore, in this post, I am going to show you how to prepare boiled plantain and steamed vegetable. So, stick around while I walk you through to boiled plantain and egg sauce recipe.

List Of Ingredients

Below are the list of ingredients need to prepare this food. In additions, you can choose other spices that you love to have in your food.

Boiled Plantain And Vegetable Recipe

First of all, for this food preparation, you will need to boil the plantain, make the egg sauce and then steam or saute the green leafy vegetable. Because there is no strict order to which of this you must cook first, you can start from anyone of them.

Also, you must not saute the vegetables differently why cooking the sauce for this food. In other words, you can decide to put the vegetables right inside the egg sauce in one pot. So let us start with boiling the plantain

Boil The Plantain

  • Wash the plantain you want to boil thoroughly with clean water
  • Cut them into 3 or 4 pieces
  • Place them in a pot and add water at the same level or a little bit below the level of the plantain and cover the pot
  • Put the pot on a cooker and turn on the cooker
  • Cook it until the plantain skin starts to crack open, that is when you will know that it is cooked. Alternatively, use a fork or knife to pierce through the plantain, if it is soft, then it is cooked. At this juncture, Just ensure you poke them deep enough for the fork to get in the centre of the plantain.
  • Sieve out the water of the plantain and set it aside
Fry The Eggs

So, after you are done with the boiling of the plantain, next is to make the egg sauce followed with vegetable. So below are the steps to prepare the egg sauce

  1. Slice the fresh tomatoes into small pieces
  2. Cut onions in small sizes
  3. Dice the habanero pepper, the bell pepper and set them aside
  4. Grind the garlic and ginger or dice them into tiny pieces and set them aside
  5. Put some vegetable oil on a pan
  6. Let is heat up until you can smell the oil
  7. Pour the sliced onion in, stir fry for about one minute
  8. Add the tomatoes, stir it and allow it to fry for some minutes, this will reduce the sour nature of the tomatoes
  9. Put salt, diced pepper, garlic, ginger and bouillon cubes. Stir fry for about a minute
  10. Crack the eggs into the pot and allow it to cook for about 1 or two minutes, stir it. Check is the egg is well cooked, is yes
  11. Add the bell pepper, stir it and put the pot down.
Saute The Vegetable
  • Pluck out the vegetables from its stem
  • Wash them with plenty of water and salt 3 or 4 times to ensure that all the sand and other contaminants are removed
plantain and vegetable
green vegetable
  • Shred the veggies into small pieces and set them aside
  • Slice onions and pepper and set them aside
  • Pour vegetable oil into a pot, allow it to heat up
  • Add onion and stir for some seconds
  • Put the vegetables
  • Add the sliced pepper, salt and bouillon cubes
  • Stir it for a few seconds and put it off from the cooker.

In conclusion, cook the vegetables lightly so it can still retain its green colour. Over cooking the vegetables may lead it to loose some its nutrients. Serve this boiled plantain, egg sauce and sauteed vegetables with a chicken or beef on the side.

How do you like to have your plantain and sauce?

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