How Tomato Powder is Made

How tomato powder is made is simply by drying it and then blend it into powder form. Sometimes when you have an excess supply of fresh tomato and not sure of what to do with it. As fresh tomato is perishable, why don’t you consider converting it into powder to increase the shelf life

In this post, I will be walking you through to how tomato powder is made. So, stick around and grab one or two insight on how you can make a tomato powder at home with less stress.

First of all, tomato is a fruit use in cooking varieties of food. Also, it is used in some baking and in making some sauces. However, it has an abundant lycopene carotenoid that gives it the red colour.

Health Benefits

Tomatoes are rich in minerals and vitamins such as vitamin C, potassium, folate. In addition, it has high fibre content which is good for bowel movement.

More so tomato contains the compound Lycopene which is responsible for the red colour. The lycopene help the health of the skin combat sunburn. Eating this fruits help to keep your skin healthy

Also among other benefits, it contains an antioxidant beta carotene.

How Tomato powder is Made

  • Wash the tomatoes and set aside
  • Cut them into small slices
  • Place them on the tray of food dehydrator ensuring the are well spread out without them being on to of each other
Hot to make tomato powder
Sliced tomato to be dried
  • Put the dehydrator at a low setting and let the tomatoes dry gradually to crispy. You will know when it dries when it has become bristle and
  • Break them into smaller pieces for easier grinding
  • Pour them on a food processor or coffee blender an grind them into powder
Dried tomato
  • Store the powder in a food grade air tight container away from direct light and heat.
How tomsto powder is made
Tomato powder


Summarily, here is how sun dried tomato powder is made. As soon as you have achieved that, go ahead and sundry it, after that, grind it into powder. Remember that the taste of a sun dried tomato powder is different from the dehydrator one. In other words, the tomato powder you made from dehydrator, Oven or sun all have different taste.

In conclusion, ensure that there is less moisture in the atmosphere around you if you wish to dry them under the sun. there is no amount of day to dry it, drying time depends on the the environment. It can dry in less than one week also, it can take up to two weeks.

Also, you can add pepper and paprika to it for the purpose of adding hotness and more colour to it.

Have you tried this out yet?

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