What Do You Eat Moi Moi With

What do you eat moi moi with is a frequent question people ask when they encounter moi moi. For that reason, I, am going to give you some suggestions on how you can eat it alone and what you can also eat it with. Therefore, do please stick around why I walk you through to this subject

First of all what is it? moi moi is a delicacy made with ground peeled beans. In addition, eggs, fish meat, corned beef and so many other things is used to make it. I have written extensively on how to make moi moi here, please check it out if by chance you wish to know how it is prepared.

In other words, it is worthy of note to understand that, there is no limit to what one can use to cook it, it all depends of your preference. The ruoe is what you said it is in terms of waht to garnish it with.

What Do You eat Moi Moi With

The following are some suggestions of what you can use to eat moi moi. Furthermore, be aware that combining food have limited rules and protocol. In other words, it means one can be creative with food by trying out a combination of food they have not tried before. Below are suggestions on what you can eat moi moi with

Eat Moi With Bread

Eat it with bread and you will not want to try another combination. I once saw a former colleague who always eat bread and moi moi in the morning for breakfast. At first, It was strange to me as i had never seen such combination before. For that reason, I wasn’t kin to trying.

However, i decided to give it a try on a certain day, I had the combination with a bottle of coke and really enjoyed eating the food. Because the experience is the the wow type, I will encourage you to eat it with bread and give us feedback in the comment section.

Eat moi Moi With Ogi (pap, akamu)

Now How do you go about this combination? first of all, prepare the ogi. Take a bite of the moi moi, then follow it with a spoon of ogi. Chew them together, swallow it and then repeat the process again.

Moi moi and ogi

Eat It with Garri

Moi moi and garri

Eat it with with garri soaked in milk. chilled water and sugar. Just imagine getting done with the day job and then on getting home, you have this piping hot moi moi served you with garri. Summarily, it is better enjoyed than to imagine it.

Moi moi and garri

Eat it with Custard

Just as it is in the ogi, that is how to eat it with custard. First and foremost. prepare the custard and then take a bit of moi moi. in addition, take a scoop of custard following the moi moi and enjoy your meal.

Moi moi and custard

Eat it with oat

Eat it with oat, as oat is one of the healthy many health benefits nice food you can come across. Check out some of the many benefits of oat here So, to pair these two, make oat first, similar to how it is done with ogi. add milk, sugar and enjoy the meal together.

Moi moi and oat

Eat It With Rice

Enjoy moi moi and agidi. How about a combo of warm moi moi and cold agidi just like this one here

Put some moi moi on the side of your rice, doesn’t matter of it is is a white rice, jollof rice or fried rice. You see rice and beans or beans depravities is actually a healthy and delicious combination, try this one out and tell us how much you like it.

Moi moi and rice

Eat It with Salad

In addition, you can eat moi moi and salad for a minimum refreshing taste. I know someone duruing my youth service days who usualy go to a QSR near to us then to eat moi moi and sald. Give it a try and see what you have been missing

Moi moi and salad

Eat It With Asun

Eat moi moi with asun in the side. Asun is a seared goat meat stocked with fried onion habanero pepper and spices.

Eat It With Agidi (eko)

What to eat moi moi with
Moi moi and eko

In conclusion, pair it also with white eko. Eko is also known as agidi, it is made from a cooked ground maize

How do you eat you own moi moi moi? Or which of these combination works for you. Please, drop your answers in the comment section

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