What Is Negro pepper (Uda, Eeru Alamo)

Negro pepper, is a spice famous for its authentic earthy, smoky and pungent flavour. Also, it looks like a small twisted bean pod. Furthermore, people use negro pepper in varieties of dish especially pepper soup. Because making any form of pepper soup in

Nigeria without negro pepper is like frying without an oil. Frequently asked question of non African on pepper soup spice is what is negro pepper? For that reason, i am going to familiarise you with what negro pepper is.

The pepper soup I am talking about here is the real traditional Nigerian indigenous pepper soup that demands all the natural and ethnic aromatic goodness. In addition, pair this spice with ginger, onion, uziza to make a pepper and get maximum satisfaction

Nigeria And Negro Pepper

In Nigeria, each food have some sets of spices and seasoning that delivers the signature taste of such food. And this spice happens to be chief convener of pepper soup signature taste. When it comes to pepper soup, (Uda) Nigeria pepper soup wonder spice is a key ingredient.

Also, the spice is known as grain of salim pepper, Guinea pepper, Uda in Igbo language, Ethiopian pepper, kili pepper and so on.

However, the flavour and seasoning Industries are discovering the role of some of these spices and are gradually incorporating them into the bouillons and other seasonings to catch up with trends.

What Is Negro pepper (uda)

What is negro pepper uda
Dry Negro pepper

Negro pepper, a wonder pepper soup spice originated from Africa and popularly known in some other countries such as Brazil and South America. It has a mild smoky aroma, with a slim long pod similar to that of beans.

However, the smoky flavour notes comes from the brief smoking of the spice pods while drying it. Originally, the matured pods of this wonderful spice is green in colour and gradually turn brown and eventually black as the drying and storage take place.

Aside the good taste and flavour, the seed of this spice is rich in some important phytochemical compounds which has lots of health benefits. Also, some people of the Nigerian origin believed that it serves as a natural contraceptives.

As a natural contraceptive, it involves making a very high concentrated solution of the spice and drinking it raw to serve as a contraceptive. While some other people also believe that the spice has some postpartum cleansing and flushing properties.

As a result, new mums are advised as a part of postpartum care routine to eat food made with loads of this spice because it helps flush out the superficial mucous membrane that lined up in the uterus during pregnancy. Also read how to use negro pepper

Health Benefits Negro pepper (uda, chimba, earu)

if you don’t know what is negro pepper and all its benefits then read on. In Nigeria , this spice which most people refer to as pepper soup wonder spice is rich in loads of nutrients. This nutrients are very good for the body even as the spice add flavour and aroma to food. Some benefits of the negro pepper which the Hausa name is Chimba, the Yoruba name Eeru Alamo and the Igbo name is Uda are listed below.

  • Negro pepper Improves immunity
  • It Acts as an analgesic agents, therefore eating some of it helps to fight pain
  • Clears the airways by making the respiratory system better thereby helping to reduce the risk of getting asthma
  • helps to relieve cold
  • Has anti bacteria properties, so chew on some of the spice to get rid of high bacteria concentration in your gut
  • Helps to fight infections.
  • It kills insects, so the extract of this spice serves as insecticide
  • This spice contains some anti malaria properties. Cook soup with it and after consumption, you release some sweat and receive a huge relief from malaria attack.
  • Use it to fight respiratory related challenges such as asthma
  • Also, use it to treat skin diseases such as boil and itches by a direct application on the skin

What do you like about negro pepper?

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