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Why Ginger Is Good For You | Messielakes

Why you should eat ginger

Ginger is an aromatic, pungent, spicy root crop widely used as spice and food ingredient. And it is loaded with lots of phytochemical (a biological active compounds found in plants) and nutrients that relieve some gastrointestinal problems. And in this article, you will be getting some of the reasons why ginger is good for you so you can add some of it to your everyday life.

Furthermore, this spice is used to add aroma and taste to foods, It is also widely used in sweet and confectionery industries as flavour. Also, it is a fleshy root plant covered with a light to thick brown skin.

However, the colour of the skin is mostly depending on whether it is harvested matured or young. Most ginger have a light yellow flesh.

More so, it has been named as one of the world healthiest food. Furthermore, Some products has been modified to accommodate ginger flavour and taste which was not so from time immemorial.

So far, there are ginger flavoured beers, biscuits, juice, lollipops, chin-chin etc. Before now, juices, biscuits, lollipops were purely sweet products with no trace of savoury flavours to it

Health Benefits Of Ginger

Finally, this spice has been linked to relieving and eliminating gastrointestinal distress by our forefathers.

However, modern scientific research has showed more therapeutic properties of . Some of the health benefits which indicates why ginger is good for you include:

  • Relieves and can eliminate gastrointestinal distress.
  • It Contains a bio-active compound known as gingerol, which is responsible for its spiciness and helps to relieve nausea.
  • Possesses the ability to reduce pain turning off pain causing compounds in the body.
  • The ability to help reduce bad cholesterol by lowering LDL cholesterol levels which in turn reduce the chance of having a heat disease.
  • It can aid weight lose, it can assist with loosing weight as it triggers a metabolic process in the body when taken, this metabolic process helps to converts stored fat into heat.
  • Contains an anti inflammatory property in the form of its bio active compound gingerol.
  • Can help to boost the immune systems.
  • In addition, when ginger aids to relieve sore throat

How Ginger Can Be Eating

Health benefits of ginger

Summarily, there are so many ways in which this spice can be eaten. First of all, it can be eaten in a raw form, that is when it is still flesh. However, it can also been mildly processed into a paste or into power for convenient use.

Most importantly, it can be added in a tea for consumption. In other instance, fresh onecan be diced and used in frying eggs or stir fries.

Also, it can be added as an ingredients if formulating seasoning, some beer, biscuits, chin chin and so on.

Furthermore, it is a common practice to use ginger to spice up food such as rice, porridge, stews. Also, you can use it to add taste and flavour to fish, meat and so on. In conclusion, use it to add nice flavour to a dish like seared goat noodles

Some of these spices are quite affordable for their benefits. Take advantage of its availability and affordable to enjoy all the health benefits of this pungent spice as much as you can. The benefits in why ginger is good for you cannot be over emphasised

What is your most favourite way of eating this wonderful spice?

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