How To Make Noodles

How To Make Noodles

How to make noodles especially in this lock down period is in demand. Because Instant noodle is a popular staple food that originated from Asia but well eaten all over the globe.

So, is how to cook instant noodles with goat meat a healthy way to cook instant noodle?

Similarly, noodle as a very simple and easy to cook meal is eaten by a lot of people from difference works of life. And, It is made from wheat flour, rice flour etc.

So, noodles are very affordable and can be prepared in so many difference simple ways including frying , cooking it with soup. Also making it like jollof and so on.

Because noodle sales hugely as it’s a food choice for people on low budget, busy people and collage students. Due to its affordability and availability, it has gain massive popularity around the globe.

Also, a well prepared noodles is a tasty meal especially when garnished with vegetables, eggs, chicken, meat or fish.

Noodles Seasoning Flavours

For the reason that noodle has many types of flavours to its seasoning, the flavours for tasty noodles varies based on the regions. Even though how to cook instant noodles with goat meat talks about adding specifically, goat meat into noodles. There are also goat flavoured instant noodles

Furthermore, the region where the set of the noodles are consumed assumes the taste profile of such region. So, in Africa, tasty noodles have some varieties of flavours ranging from the very popular ones.

Some List Of Noodle Flavours

  • Chicken flavoured noodles
  • Beef flavoured noodles
  • Chicken curry flavoured noodles
  • vegetable flavoured noodle
  • Tomato flavoured noodles
  • Pepper soup flavoured noodles
  • Jollof flavoured noodle and so on

Health Impact

So,it was recorded in a food journal that people, mostly women who consume noodle on a regular basis (as much as two times in a week). have a significant great risk of metabolic syndrome than those who ate less.

And this is irrespective of their overall diet and exercise habits. A group of symptoms such as elevated blood sugar, low levels of HDL (high density lipoprotien) cholesterol, central obesity may be found in women who consume more noodles more than 2 times a week.

Because the Asians have a higher number of people who consume noodle, and an increase heart condition. Researchers found that eating lots of instant noodles may lead to heart diseases.

However, rice noodle is said to be gluten free, making it suitable for people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance as it is made from rice flour instead of wheat flour.

Wholewheat Pasta Is Better than Noodle

Noteworthy, wholewheat pasta is better than tasty noodle in my own opinion. Recall that, to consume food in their most natural state or close to its natural form is and has been the best option.

While heavily processed food like noodles, frozen pizza and so many others may not be the best. So, a lot of processed food including noodle, fries, burger and so on, has a fewer nutrients needed by the body and contains a little or no fibre.

Also, be reminded that fiber is necessary for aiding digestion and good bowel movement, every healthy meal should be rich in fiber.

When noodle meal seat longer in the intestine, the system may be exposed to other toxic preservatives and other additives found in proceed foods.

Futhermore, wholewheat pasta is made with wholewheat flour which has all parts in tact. The parts such as the bran, endosperm and germ help slow down the quick release of sugar into the blood stream. And as well aid digestion.

Popcorn is a nice snack made also with a whole grain and it is one of the healthiest snack if made in the right way as soon the post. Many of us are very well aware of the the risk associated with processed foods, but the question is do we care?

Recommendations on how to make noodles

Facing reality, circumstances may not allow people to eat as healthy as they would love to. Hence the option of instant noodle and other processed foods. So to this regards, it is recommended that noodle should be eaten with lots of vegetables, protein and fruits or smoothies .

In addition, When noodle is paired with vegetables, fruits proteins, it helps to make up for the lacking nutrients. Wholewheat pasta is a great alternative to noodle as it is a whole meal and contains all the nutrients.

But should there be any need to consume noodle, it should be stocked with a lot of vegetables and proteins.

So, the pictures above is bowel of tasty noodle prepared with a seared goat meat marinated in a pepper sauce.

So, Should we now call this one a tasty goat chicken? noodle is a popular staple food that originated from Chinese cuisine.

How To Make Noodle With Goat Meat

First of all, if we need to know how to make noodles, we need to understand the ingredients to use.

Finally, I cooked this particular noodle with already made seared goat meat, so the list of ingredients are not long like Thai fried rice. So, below are the list

List Of Ingresients

  • 2 packs of 70g instant noodle cake
  • One portion of ready made seared goat meat
  • Olive oil

Cooking Procedure Of noodle with goat meat

  • First of all, how to make noodles is
  • Put some water in a clean pot and get it to a boil
  • Add the raw noodle cake, cover the pot
  • Cook for about 3 to 7 minutes
  • Drain the water out with a sieve
  • After that, add the the seasoning of the noodle pour in the goat meat and stir
  • Put of the cooker
  • Turn the noodle into a plate
  • Sprinkle some olive oil on the noodle and enjoy the meal

How do you like to make your own noodle?

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