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How To Cook Bitter Leaf Soup With Palm Fruit

how to cook bitter leaf soup with palm fruit
Bitter leaf soup

How to cook bitter leaf soup with palm fruit is simple and easy. Also, bitter leaf soup is a special yummy Igbo native delicacy popularly eaten by Africans.

Even more, it originated from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. How to cook bitter leaf soup with palm fruit involves a few steps and procedures of combining some ingredients.

Also, combine them in the right proportion at the right time. Bitter leaf soup is also known as ofe onugbo in Igbo part of Eastern Nigeria.

Cooking should be as fun as eating if you go the easy way. You can agree with me that not all food eaten per time gives the desired satisfaction a good meal demands.

However, following our recipe on how to make bitter leaf soup with palm fruit may help you achieve a fun filled cooking experience.

And that being said, we come up with an easy and fast method of cooking bitter leaf soup to cut that strenuous part that sometimes discourages you from cooking it.

Bitter Leaf Soup

One of the remarkable feelings of eating bitter leaf soup comes after the eating and then sipping a glass of chilled water.

First of all, there will be this sweet bitter tingling taste that lingers in the throat. Secondly, that awesome after taste lingers for a long time

Furthermore, bitter leaf soup (onugbo soup) is widely consumed by the people of the South Eastern region of Nigeria. It is one of the people favourites.

As a result, bitter leaf soup is one of the very few delicacies served to highly esteemed and welcomed quest in Igbo land.


Because, making bitter leaf soup requires palm fruit extract, which could take a lot of time to cook. But using an already made palm fruits extract might be the best and quite less time consuming.

In addition, palm fruits extract involves cooking, pounding and extracting palm fruits juice or what is known as  palm fruits concentrate or palm fruits extract from it. 

Most importantly, the palm fruit extract, give bitter leaf soup a wonderful taste. For that reason, I decided to share with you here on how to cook bitter leaf soup with palm fruit

So, check here for a detailed step by step way in making palm fruits extracts with pictures.

However, in the absent of palm fruits extract, palm oil may be used as an improvise.

So, to get the real signature bitter leaf (onugbo soup) taste, it is important to use the ingredients listed above in cooking it.


Cow head and cow leg is always a bit more tough than the regular meat. As a result, cook the cow head and legs in a low heat for several minutes before adding the rest of the meat, cod fish and all the dry fish.

Because you will like for every bite of the meat in the soup to taste nice and quite enjoyable, it i imperative to add stock cubes. Also, add salt, a little bit of pepper and crayfish for taste with little or no water.

More so, onion must not be added to this cooking for whatever reason. Even though onion gives meat a nice aroma and taste, it simply does not work well in a bitter leaf soup dish.

Furthermore, cow tail and goat meat are very good option for making bitter leaf soup. Also, chicken taste nice but quite far from matching with the real taste profile of bitter leaf soup. So, for that reason, please do not use it for this soup

Bitter leaf is very bitter just as the name implies. However, also remember that because the name of this soup is bitter leaf soup doesn’t necessarily means that the soup has to be bitter. For that reason, the bitter leaf must be washed thoroughly prior to cooking.

How To Cook Bitter Leaf Soup With Palm Fruit Extract

  • Cook and pound the cocoyam, then set it aside
  • Cook and pound the palm fruit, wash it with warm water and collect the juice
  • Wash the bitter leaf and set it aside
  • After, wash and Cook all the meat, stock/cod fish, dry fish with salt, stock cubes, crayfish
  • Pour a desired amount of the palm fruit extract/ concentrate into the pot
  • Add a little water if needed
  • Put ground pepper, salt and crayfish
  • Cook on a low heat for about 10 – 15 minutes
  • Add cocoyam and stir
  • Cook until the soup thickens while you stir it occasionally to avoid it burning
  • Add bitter leaf once the soup is thick enough and stir
  • Put ogiri at this time and stir
  • Cook for about 5 minutes and the soup is ready to be served.
how to make bitter leaf soup with palm fruit

Bitter leaf soup is enjoyed with fufu oat poundo, garri, pounded yam, starch. Also, any other swallow that suits you.

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