How to extract palm fruits (2019)

Palm feuits extract
Palm fruits extract

Palm fruit extract or concentrate is a juice extracted from a ripe palm fruits. So stick around, let me walk you through to how to extract palm fruits at home. A palm fruits extract, can also be referred to as a palm fruit concentrate. Some other times, it can be called a palm fruits juices. Palm fruits extract is used in cooking bitter leave soup (ofe onugbo), oha soup, banga soup and so on.

However, they all means the same thing.
Palm fruits extracts is used in cooking a varieties of African dishes. Most especially, the delicacies that requires palm oil or some African dish that has a signature yellow colour.

Little Insight to what palm Fruits Extracts Is

So, palm fruits extract or palm fruits juice is popularly known as ofe akwu among the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. Also, it is referred to banga soup as its name by the Edo and Delta people of Nigeria.

Furthermore, palm fruit extract is a go to cooking base for everyone who like to enjoy varieties of dishes that goes with palm fruits juice at home. For that reason, always have the desired meal without having the need to visit restaurants. In some other instances, some people live in area where they may not be able to have access to restaurants that have the type of delicacies made with palm fruits extract in their menu.

So, if you are the type of person who is quite selective in terms of the taste and flavour profile of the food you enjoy eating. Then, it becomes imperative to cook your own food that creates that distinct flavour profile which matches your taste. Tweaking your food to have control of the exact taste, colour and aroma using the steps in our how to extract palm fruits is simple.

How To Extract palm Fruits

Because palm palm fruits extracts can be be stored in the fridge fore a while just for your convenience use as at when needed. Recall that the process of extracting palm fruits juice takes a bit of time. As a result of the rigorous steps needed to avoid messing up the preparation area. Below are the simple and easy steps required for achieving our subject matter which is how to extract palm fruits.

You Will Be Needing The Following
Palm fruits
Palm Fruits
  • Palm fruits
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Sieve
  • water

Steps Needed For The Extraction

Cooking, Pounding and washing/extracting are the three major steps in extracting palm fruits concentrate. So Lets go to the first stage which is the cooking stage

Cooking Stage
  • Wash the collected palm fruits. Also know that palm fruits can be gotten from the local African market store
  • Place the palm fruits on a clean pot and add some water just at the same level or a little bit below the level of the palm fruits in the pot
  • On your cooker, Put the pot on the cooker and allow to cook for about 40 to 60 minutes on a low heat
  • Cook until the palm fruits are cooked, you will know when you check and they soft and tender. Once the palm fruits are cooked
  • Drain the water with a sieve, allow it to cool down a little bit if you wish to extract by smashing with bare hands
Pounding/Washing Stage
Palm fruits extract
Pounded Palm fruits
  • Put the cooked palm fruits in a mortar and pound till the red colour of the palm fruits are no longer visible. Also, at this time, yo will have rough yellowish pulp
  • Turn the mixture into a bowl and add a little amount of warm water
  • wash them thoroughly with bare hands, squeeze the concentrate out of the mixture
  • place a sieve on another bowl to collect the juice while leaving the chaff out (you may repeat the process to collect enough of the juice)
  • Let the collected concentrate settle for a while, then sieve again carefully leaving any other chaff and some palm fruits nuts that might have been broken while pounding
Palm fruits extract
Palm fruits extract
  • Place the juice on a clean pot and boil for 20-30 minutes to form a thicker concentrate. Boiling help evaporate excess water from the juice

At this point, allow the boiled concentrate to cool down for like 3-4 hours or more depending on the weather at your location. once the concentrate is cool, scoop them into an air tight container and store in the freezer.

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